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Thread: Denbigh Asylum Wales (July 2016)

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    Default Denbigh Asylum Wales (July 2016)

    This was my first site adventure.


    This asylum was the first psychiatric hospital built in Wales. The construction of the building started in 1844 and finished in 1848. The building was built due to the rumour of mistreatment of the Welsh in English asylums, the asylum helped patients get treatment without a language barrier. Physical treatments like insulin shock treatment, malarial treatment & lobotomy treatments were used as a treatment method at the hospital.

    The hospital had extensions and extra buildings built for the 1,500 patients that were in the asylum and the 1,000 staff members.

    The hospital was closed in sections from 1991 - 2001 but the main part of the building was officially closed in 1995. The building is currently falling apart slowly with caved in 2nd floors and collapsed parts of the buildings.

    Our story of the Denbigh Asylum

    We started our journey at around 4pm, it was an hour and a half car journey to the asylum which went pretty quick in my opinion considering how excited i was and how i could wait to get there!

    We got there and parked the van just down the road from the gates of the asylum which wasn't the greatest idea but oh well... We ended up climbing over a wall and a barbed wire fence, crawling through stinging nettles...ouchhh. Once we got there we ended up waiting 15 mins in the long over grown grass thinking we saw a tiny dog running across the fence in front of us, once we thought it was alright to go in we went though the grass and towards some stairs that were hidden by trees, we found broken bottles, empty pill packets and even a cracked phone! it was working(we still have the phone so if its anyones please message me and we can return it to you). We managed to get close to the building and climbed through one of the windows that weren't boarded up with wood.

    Un-explained noises and shadows

    Some of the buildings were very creepy, especially the staff white house, we heard banging like heavy doors closing from above and also like something was dragging across the floor. My sister and I would walk into certain rooms and it was like our oxygen was limited, we could've been over thinking it but it seemed so real. I even managed to capture a ghostly figure of a lady in the doorway when i was taking a picture of a chair, i didn't realise this until i got home and went over the pictures so i only took one photo there, see below if you can spot the scary lady. The most spine chilling building was the staff white house, we went through the door on the left side of the house, we went past a stair case which i could've sworn i saw a dark shadow in the corner of my eye but it was gone when i looked, my sisters boyfriend was facing a very very long dark hallway which he thought he saw a dark shadow flitter from left to right across the gloomy hallway, he instantly got goosebumps on his arm and then as if on cue, there were very loud footsteps from above which was a sign for us to leave, we ran out the building and didn't go back in, weird vibes from that building.

    We were there for a total of 2 hours, unfourtnately we didn't get to explore the whole asylum, we are hoping to re-visit the asylum soon.

    Here are some of my pictures i took at the asylum.

    Thanks given by: ajarb, dauntless - UE, flyboys90, Hugh Jorgan, krela, Mearing, mtc3154, smiler, thorfrun

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    You got some great shots, I enjoyed it, Thanks

    Thanks given by: caradon, Mia.Sidney

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    Not bad. Some good composition shots there. Did notice when you posted your pictures that there seems to be two of a kind. Not to worry its still a good post.
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    Great write up and photos,Thanks for sharing.


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