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KooK. 11th Nov 10 15:05

Colourflex Dyeworks (Riverside Mill), Leeds, November 2010
Visited with nij and cpcnick.

Only a few days after I was last there with jST (report here) I returned with these chaps to try and access some of the bits I missed last time. Thanks to some creative climbing we got in, although I still didn't climb the chimney as it was pretty grim weather and didn't fancy getting covered knee deep in slag and brick dust!

Colourflex was a dyeing and twisting branch of the Leeds Group PLC, but in 2000 consultations were held with the 55-strong workforce and the works was consolidated to the Langholme site.

Leeds Group plc has been established for more than a century, although its principal country of operation is now Germany. In recent years, the European textile manufacturing industry has contracted, with an ever-increasing proportion of European textile consumption being sourced from the low wage economies of the Far East. In response, Leeds Group has ceased all manufacturing activities and is today totally focused on the import and sale throughout Europe of fabric imported chiefly from the Far East.

Current plans are to convert this site along with the neighbouring Clariant Chemical Works plant into 550 homes. Demolition has already begun at Clariant, although a decision on initial planning isn't expected to be given until December 2010. There is strong opposition to the houses being built by the residents of Horsforth and surrounding districts as it is thought the construction of these homes would create major conjestion problems along the A65.

Anyhoo on with the report, the day started off as any should, with a hearty breakfast. (or those guys are late, what can I do to keep me out the rain for a bit!)

Towards the back left of this pic is Clariant Chemicals, on the right is the Dyehouse, and inbetween is the Reception area.

Mmmmm...Betabuy Baked Beans

Soap still in the dispenser!

Thanks for looking :mrgreen:

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