Gatehouse, Dunraven House, Southerndown, Glamorgan.

This is one of the remaining gatehouses to the now demolished Dunraven Manor. This site has a vast history of occupation dating from the Iron Age, so I will not regurgitate it here. The present manor has been here in some form since 1128, with many drastic alterations leading to a castellated mansion in the 19th century, until its demolishment in 1962. The last Earl of Dunraven died in 2012.

The title was granted by the Lord Of Ogmore after his steward, Arnold Botiler, had fought off attackers of Ogmore Castle in 1128. The walled gardens of the manor survive and open to the public, and another gatehouse to the west which is now a cottage.

Dunraven is a corruption of its older name Dundryfan, fortress of the three rocks. The tenure of the manor stated that three cups of wine should be drunk when the lord of Ogmore visited. This tradition survives in the name of the nearby pub, 'The Three Cups'.

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This gatehouse looks to date from mid 1800's. It has a generous coating of stucco, and if there were spiral staircases they have been removed, most windows are bricked. There are fireplaces and inaccessible 1st floors. It is in sound condition and now serves as a dwelling for bats, crows and adventurous campers.

Grade: II. Date Listed: 3 March 1999. Cadw Building ID: 21797

I heard a loud banging while doing the shoot. Thought it was a very large woodpecker, a shooting range or a farmer.
Turns out Mr Squirrel Nuttkins was performing a beatbox routine.
Either that or beating some baby owls to death.