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Arrow Birmingham Battery and Metal Company Feb 2009

This was my first explore of 2009 and I went with Alley. There isn't much left of this place but it does hold plenty of paperwork and it was a welcome fix for me because I hadn't been out exploring since last year and was longing for the joy of abandonment and the delightful fragrance of dereliction. It was a beautiful day-sunny and freezing just how I like it. Thanks to Bubblehead for telling us about this place.

Something from the 80's.

If you worked here long enough, you'd have your own certificate.

An eternity of reading for the eternally bored....although I'm betting there'd be some interesting stuff in there if you had the time to sift through the lot.

Look at the shape of the roof!

Rest in peace...Alley said that this poor guy probably got trapped and died like this. Although they're filthy disease ridden things, that's not a nice way to go.

I was talking about how at British Sugar there were labels that sounded naughty. We couldn't find anything to laugh at like school children so we made our own.

There was still some snow left outside! I love peering out of windows in abandoned places.

Got to love archways.

Calender from 1959

The junkie's study...this place had its fair share of needles and evidence of squatters.

Someone I chat to online absolutely adores Chem Lab so I took this pic for him. If anyone here is also a fan, this image is for you too.

The exterior shot with the beautiful ivy snaking up the walls...this place must have been all seven shades of awesome when the whole thing stood.

To see the rest of the trip, go here:

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