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Arrow Paradox nightclub/Vernons Pools Clocktower -Liverpool - May 2011 -

Football pools has started in 1923 when John Moores and two friends handed out 4000 coupons outside Old Trafford. Initially, the business was slow and John Moores bought out his two partners who had lost confidence in the loss-making enterprise.

Moores quickly turned Littlewoods round and millions of working people began to spend a few pence each week in what was the only national gambling competition (at that time it was based on agents house-calling rather than by mail).

Vernons followed in 1925 – making Liverpool the centre of an industry which employed thousands of women checking the weekly returns, Vernons closed around 1975.

Not much history can be found about the buildings later use as the Paradox, aside from it opened around 1992 and closed around May 2002 for 'Refurbishment', but was never reopened. The vast majority of the building was demolished around 2007, but the art-deco tower remains as it has listed status.

a review of the Paradox:

"A huge purpose built mega–club on the outskirts of town. Not cool or alternative, devoid of character and atmosphere. It's that cheesy corporate clubbing experience that every city seems to have these days and once inside, you could be in any one of them. You arrive, you get rid of your coat, you queue at the bar, you dance to some charty/disco tunes, you drink more to dull the pain, you get in a cab to go home."

i never went to this club because quite frankly i wasnt into that kind of music,but it was certainly good after all these yrs to be finally in your clock towerz

explored with xan asmondi

vernons pools

the club in full swing

fast forward 10 or so yrs and a pic taken in the same spot slightly zoomed in (you can just make out an old flouro sign to the right of the tower)

an old till or something left lying around outside

also log books from its last use

an old cash office with the safes still inside

various paperwork left lting round

up into the clocktower

and onto the roof among the various mobile phone masts

a few views

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