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Post Pripyat Secret Factory! - Jupiter Plant

Pic Heavy, but the site is massive!

Pripyat’s factory "Jupiter" - one of mysterious and confidential places of the Zone...

It went under the guise of a ‘washing machine factory’ or something. And it was just accepted at the time to ignore the massive metal gates, and the three 12ft electric fences.

It was of course used to manufacture military equipment.

It stands out on the map due to it’s size. It’s roof covers several acres.

Here’s a photo from Also check out Pripyat looming behind…that’s all abandoned:

Still now though there is very little information about it. I’ve only ever known of one other person to visit it. Google is next to useless too as it just brings up 100,000s results for a computer game. I’ve heard of crazy radiation levels coming from here, but generally the background never went above 1-2 MsV. I’ve heard of a box of ominous black sand in here reaching over 400MsV.

Inner gate:

I have been asking my guide to visit here for 3 years now, and every year it has been met with the same response ”Is not possible” . But due to a major change in contracts within the zone today he said “F**k it…Is possible”

This was the only time I’ve been in Pripyat and we’ve had to access a building urbex stylee, not just walk in, and my guide was looking nervous. I was tingling with excitement.

Most of the complex is made up of massive rooms like this:


Bus outside:

I guess in Chernobyl, three fingered gloves are the norm?

Internal vehicular entrance:

Giant light bulb:


Drawings of…err…washing machines…

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