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Default RAF Abingdon Fire Dump 1984

The following are scanned images from prints taken at RAF Abingdon Fire Dump in 1984. The RAF base has closed and is now in the hands of the army being renamed Dalton Barracks. The runways are still in place and are used regularly for gliding by 612 Volunteer Gliding Squadron.

Unidentified Jaguar Wings

English Canberra T4 - WJ867 - Ex Empire Test Pilots School Boscombe Down

English Electric Canberra TT18 - WH856 Ex Fleet Requirements And Direction Unit (FRADU)

English Electric Canberra B(I)8 - WV787 - Fitted With Buccaneer Nose Cone - Used For Trials Of Ferranti NA39 Radar - Now Preserved At Newark Air Museum

Vickers Valiant BK1 - XD816 - Now Preserved At Brooklands

Indian Airforce Jaguar - Possibly Ex RAF GR1 XX118

Hawk T1 XX344 - Crashed RAE Bedford 7 January 1982 - Caused By The Aircraft Flying Into The Wing Vortex Of A Bristol Brittania Landing 45 Seconds Beforehand

Vickers Valiant BK1 - XD816 Nose Section With Indian AirForce Jaguar In Foreground

De Havilland DH110 Sea Vixen XJ607 & Unidentified Westland Whirlwind Helicopter

English Electric Canberra B(I)8 - WV787

English Canberra T4 - WJ867

English Electric Canberra B(I)8 - WV787

English Electric Canberra TT18 - WH856

Vickers Valiant BK1 XD816 - With Indian Airforce Jaguar In The Foreground

Thanks for looking.
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