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Default St John the Baptist Mongewell

This is a church that I was supprised to find. I only came across it when I went down to Carmel college to get some photo's of the place. I saw a sign pointing to the church and thought the Synagogue had been converted but on getting there this is what I found.

A wonderfull looking church which at the first sight looks in goof condition with it's well kept graveyard.

Untill you walk round the side and see this

Inside looking at the bell tower

Side chapel with alter.

Looking up at the bell tower.

Looking up the bell tower.

Even still got a bit of glass in the window of the tower.

This is on the wall of part of the church which is still in use and I have yet to go back an dhave a look inside though it will be small. They have two services a year there.

I'll end with this shot. turn left at the end and you will see the defended building I photgraphed.
There is some information about the place in the wiki link and an iterestion bit about the church.
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