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Default Church of St Nicholas, Buckenham, Norfolk.

After finally managing to get my stomach settled after a night full of sitting on the Bog shall we say, I finally managed to pull myself out of my pit and go and have a look at this Church that Norfolk Bloke explored the other day. Its beautiful with a very rare 13th century Octagonal sided tower. The Church closed some time back in the seventies and as Norfolk Bloke says is not especially a ruin but a Redundant Beauty. Here is a shot of the Octagonal Tower.. It was a beautiful Autumn day by the side of the River Yare as the Sun was slowly starting to set Inside the Chancel Ceiling I think has been spruced up a bit! This is the Tower Screen Close up of the Font Thats all Folks, Comments welcome as usual!

And a dreadful thing from the cliff did spring. And its wild bark thrilled around. His eyes had the glow of the fires below. Twas the form of the Spectre Hound. 'Ha' yer fa'r got a dickey, bor?' 'Yis, an' he want a fule ter roide 'im, will yew cum?'

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