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Default Water Research Centre - Medmenham - Revisit 28-11-09

Hi guys,

This is my first decent find and exploration, must admit I am still buzzing as I have been wanting to explore this place for weeks!! - Hence how many pics I posted... sorry... it's a little easier on the internet connection now!

A little history of the WRc:

1898 A United Kingdom Royal Commission was appointed to investigate methods for sewage treatment and disposal.

1915 The Royal Commission recommended setting up a body to promote and supervise water pollution research.

1940 The Water Pollution Research Laboratory (WPRL) was set up in the UK. During the Second World War, varied research projects included effluent problems of munitions plants and development of a field kit for RAF life rafts that rendered seawater drinkable.

1961 WRA moves to its headquarters in Medmenham.

1963 The UK Government to set up the Water Resources Board (WRB).

1970s The WRA, WPRL and WRB were combined into one central research establishment - the Water Research Centre (WRC) with an additional facility in Swindon.

2004 Testing of materials for water contact moved from Medmenham to the Evaluation and Testing Centre in Oakdale, creating a single laboratory for all testing of water fittings.

2006 The Chemical analysis and Consultancy Groups move from Medmenham to new laboratories in Reading.

The site was closed to aspestos and unsatisfactory condition of the building and moved to Slough.

More here:

This is the view from above in 2004 from Google earth:

The site is pretty big so once we were in we thought we would be undisturbed... We were soon proven wrong we walked past a mirrored window to be greeted by loud banging on a window, clearly aimed to scare us away... turns out someone has made this place their home.

But nevertheless... we ventured on!!

My apologies for the amateur photography, I can't afford a proper camera yet.

My friend

The invisible footpath

The window we heard the banging on - Just up and right of the 10mph sign with mirrored tints so we couldn't see in

Speed bump

fire damage

Walk through

LPG tank and old car park area - as seen on the left in the Google earth pics full of cars

Some big-ass machine

upstairs - (corner building - bottom left of google earth picture)

Bit of a state - Water leaking in

Office room

Looking out into the courtyard seeing the burnt out part



Another burnt out area

We saw lots of fresh footsteps inside the building by windows where the chap living there had been watching us and seeing the sun go own, we decided to end our internal explore there... until next time!

Looking back from the car park

Walking back - building falling away

Nearing the exit - Caretakers house?

Thanks for viewing,


Vegan Power <3 <3
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