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Default Pillbox at Tillybrig Cottage near Dyce, Aberdeenshire - Feb 2010

I was on over doing a course near Dyce airport, so thought I'd finish the day off with a visit to see this little beauty.

As far as I know, it's the last remaining pillbox associated with the airfield, Dyce having been an RAF station during WW2. I'm a little confused at its position, but the powers that be obviously knew what they were doing back then.

This (for the benefit of cptpies) is listed as being DoB record S0015346. I recorded a position of 5713'19.53"N, 212'34.10"W standing directly in front of the NE face, which is not far off the position on the DoB record. Checking with GE seems to confirm my coords.

The pillbox sits on the southern side of a bridge, with a view up the railway track towards Dyce. Entry is from the SE side, almost in the garden of Tillybrig Cottage. Just across the bridge is a quarry, so whilst the structure is on the airport flight path, I can see no obvious necessity for it being there. I'd have thought that if the airfild had been taken, the enemy woukd have headed south rather than north. Perhaps it was to surprise any force heading south towards Dyce along the railway track, as they could have opened up from behind? Who knows. All idle speculation.

Anyway, here we go with the pics. Sorry for blethering.

Looky here! Steel shutter to close off the entrance loophole. And it still moves on its hinges.

A total of 5 steel shutters remain. These covering the embrasures.

View along the flight path towards the airfield.

The railway heading for Dyce, with the river Don in the background.

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