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Default Manor House, Crowborough, July 2010

This place stands alone amidst fields and woodland and took a bit of finding. After some fun and games involving a large rock and the side of the car, we managed to locate it and made our way inside.

The entry was breathtaking and the rest of the explore didn't disappoint. Not too sure on the history of the place but we found things dating back to the 70s.

Absolutely superb explore with, as always, Flame.

The site that greeted us upon entry:

Mono shot of the stairway:

A vast reception room:

One of many pieces of artwork just strewn around the house:

Doors out onto what was probably once a garden area:

The human element in the building was uncanny:

More artwork, this one slightly creepy if I'm honest:

These were left lying on the floor next to the rose:

Further evidence that the previous occupants were artists:

Corridor between the kitchen areas:

Another piece of artwork:

This is what we found upon entering one of the bedrooms. Bizarre:

Correspondence left lying on the floor. Interestingly, it detailed the fun of exploring unfamiliar places (details Photoshopped out):

We decided to indulge the grandeur of the building with a few costume shots:

Thanks as always for looking!


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