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Default Lancaster Moor Hospital (Lancaster County Asylum)

On Quernmore Road on the way out of Lancaster, on the left, is the remaining section of the Moor Hospital (the other section has been knocked down and redeveloped), a magnificent, but very imposing, gothic Asylum built in 1882. There is a playing field in front of the building, which I'm told has a security fence running along its side. A gate and driveway leads up from a little further down the main road, sometimes this is open, sometimes not, but this is irrelevant as a few yards further down the main road on the left is another driveway which goes all the way down the side of the Asylum, and is only blocked by one of those barriers which lifts up and down, like the ones you get in public car parks, so absolutely no barrier to someone on foot. There are signs saying private property and various signs for some security company or other.

If you continue down this hedge-lined lane, with the hospital up a bank on your left, you eventually get to a boarded up out-building on your right. This is a fairly large building in itself, say, the size of a large country house. This is quite securely boarded up, but looks quite interesting nonetheless if you look through the gaps in the boarding. It's over-grown round the edges and looks out over the open countryside, thus creating a Resident Evil / Night of the Living Dead feel.

Back on the lane, it turns round to the left and up to the main Asylum building. There is a large, wide stretch of tarmac which stretches back down the length of the building. We went at night and there were lights on down the length of the building on the ground floor corridor, we assumed this was as security probably patrolled up and down this corridor, and also because it would deter trespassers. We went up to the windows, which are all locked, or boarded up, although some are open a crack, but impossible to open any further. We didn't see anyone inside. Walking around the end of the building (the end furthest away from the main road/entrance), you come across another very large out-building opposite the end of the main building. This looks like it would be possible to enter, but we didn't have a closer look when we went, but may do next time. Just in front of a door into the main building (I think there was a door there anyway) are a few steps leading down to a small locked door. There is a also a large rusty grate on the ground in front of the door into the building, above the small locked door, which can be easily lifted up, although it is rather heavy for one person. I'll let you take what you want from that piece of information

Inside is very good condition as it has been very successfully protected from vandals or squatters or whatever. The tunnels quite possibly contain asbestos. There is security there as we saw what we all thought was torch light when we were wondering around outside (we legged it so we didn't actually see someone) and I've heard there is security. There were also signs up for Police Dog training.

This place is worth a look. You never know how long it will be around, although I've not heard if there are any plans for it to be redeveloped like the other part of the Asylum which is now new houses across the main road.

May as well use this thread to talk about it. I'll tell you on there.

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