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Default Oxfordshire Manor House, Oct '11

So, I finally got to do this place photographic justice having only had my small point and shoot when I first did it last year.

I'd forgotten how utterly fantastic this place was, and it's now high up on my list of all-time favourite places. There are so many little passageways all over the place leading to cellars and pantries, hidden storage rooms etc etc I could spend all day in here reading all the documents left behind most of which are over a century old now.

And thanks to the good sense of the exploring community the place hasn't been 'outed' - it's important to remember it's a partially occupied building checked regularly by the owners and workers in the estate office across the road.

History - it was built many moons ago, and fell into a state of disrepair over the last few decades like many manor houses have done. Whether or not it will ever be a finished restoration is yet to be seen but for the moment it's in limbo, slowly deteriorating into a state of fantastic natural decay.

This might turn out a bit photo-heavy but I feel it deserves it.

As I walked into this room I remarked to one of my companions whether he could hear a buzzing sound...

...and then we looked up and realised there was a massive swarm of tiny flies covering the ceiling and the tops of the windows in this room and the next. Not only that but the stuff we thought was dust/dirt on the floor was infact thousands of dead ones!

....more in next post

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