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Default Penarth Housing Estate

Billy Banks Estate - Exploration Report

About the estate - Old & New

The history on this estate has been covered many times on here any many other sites so won't repeat what others have already said.

I will say though that since most residents left in 1999, 15 remained. 14 later left, leaving just 1 resident who had purchased their home from the council some time ago.

The Billy Banks Estate was split into two phases and rather than knocking both sites down straight away, they left one standing for me to have a play about with!

Onsite there are 16 blocks of flats, a resident and New Age Travellers. Plenty to take photo's of and plenty to see

The Recon & Explore

Knowing that there were still people living at the estate, I felt that doing extensive recon was vital as I didn't really want to be in a tower block to end up having a group of youths or anybody else for that matter coming in to blow the place up - something that has been going on very recently.

Anyway, recon work included speaking to the construction company regarding a demo date, satellite images, road markings (drawn onto the map) and the usual recon photo's and 2 drive-bys, I decided it was time to enter fully.

Parked right outside the entrance point and started to get kitted up. Wife remained in the car keeping an eye out as there was a very high police presence in the area for some reason. Took about 2 hours to walk around half of the site and I avoided the buildings where the resident and travellers are located. I did have alot of fun though in a building with only 2 floor boards, no roof and a 5 floor drop should anything go wrong. Camera went away for this part to keep my mind on staying alive though maybe another time!

Towards the end of the explore, there was alot of activity around the streets leading to Billy Banks which looked like a large number of youths wanting to go inside but chickened out due to my car being parked there. If you saw the car you would understand

The Pictures

Hmm, I don't think they will anymore!

I did buzz but nobody was home...

Something for the rats to look at...

I hope it's not more bills!

Move into the light...

Just popped by to read your meter

Nothing in the fridge but there was running water in this property...Seriously!

I love these signs...makes me want to go in even more!

Bloody mail man always goes to the wrong place!

The modern way to hang your light switch

The stairway to heaven...maybe hell!

Somebody stole my bike and just left this tyre!

Now I know my house was here somewhere!

Thank you so much for looking and I hope you like the photo's. It's a great place to go but if you do, watch your step big time even on the street there are huge holes everywhere! If your after any info, give me a shout! (Well an email as depending on where you are, I may not hear you shout!)

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