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Default 12-18 Beer Road, Seaton, Devon. Oct 2011

Three business's closed antiques shop, housing agents and a this row of buildings. I only recently discovered them empty when I had a walk up this road a couple of days ago. Apparently they've been empty for several months and there's a planning application in guessed it...residential dwellings!

No interior access but I thought it was worthwhile documenting before any work gets under way.Or should I say 'if'! And, while it still has that lovely, naturally weathered and nature taking over look about it.

Out of the three buildings, the most interesting historically is the centre one, formerly Belmont House...a housing agency for many years.

A Grade II listed building, it was built circa 1840 as a town house and was originally called Rose Cottage. Stuccoed with a slate roof and gable ends, it consisted of two storeys, the dormer roof windows being a modern addition. The ground floor consists of french windows and a three-bay verandah with openwork cast-iron columns and frieze with key motif.

I'm still researching the history on this one, but it's thought that it was originally a site of a farmhouse, the car park to the rear known to have been agricultural pastures.

To the right is the former Ectetera Antiques.

Found a dead pheasant on the step.

And on the left is the former restaurant, Steak & Stilton.

At bit boring this one, imo, but I went around the rear, which was a lot more interesting.

Plant pots along the side.

The awning has been taken down and left on the ground.

Even though there was no access, I spent ages here and got a bit carried away with the amount of pics because I loved the shadows from the ornate grillework.

Funny thing...being a small town it wasn't long before the whole world and his dog passed by. Twenty years ago the crowd I used to socialise with at the pub included two guys called Ian, who I haven't seen for years. When taking pics at the front one of the Ian's turned up and we chatted a while about the building. When he went, I took pics around the rear, and when I came around the front the other Ian walked past with his dog! Wait long enough in one spot here and you meet everyone!

Cheers...and thanks for looking.

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