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Default Centre for Human Sciences, Farnborough Dec '10/Jan '11

Photo and text heavy!

I've been sitting on this a long time now, but the site has changed irrepairably since my last visit with more demolition work, and total rape by pikeys and/or contractors out to weigh in all the metals so it's about time it saw the light of day.

The following text is taken from a 1998 site rationalisation study.

"The Centre for Human Sciences (CHS) was formed in 1995 from the Army Personnel Research Establishment (APRE), the Institute of Aviation Medicine (IAM), the Senior Psychologist from the Royal Navy and Scientists from the RAF. The constituent organisations originally came under the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (DERA) management but control was transferred to the CHS. It occupied approximately 10,000 square metres of accomodation in Farnborough previously occupied by the APRE and IAM.

The role of the CHS was to provide advice to the MoD, and others, on those aspects of human science where human performance is critical. Customers for the CHS included MoD project offices, Chief Scientists in defence, the Inspectorate of Flight Safety, Service medical branches and commercial customers including the Civil Aviation Authority.

The Centre had siginificant facilities available to conduct measurements of human performance in stressing conditions. These included a hypobaric chamber as well as climate controlled, biomechanics, vibration, vision and sleep laboratories as well as an immersion pool all designed for experiments on the human body and it's capabilities."

When DERA split to form QinetiQ and the DSTL in 2000, the Centre closed along with Pyestock. Today, one building remains open on site which houses a fully operational human centrifuge, this was wide open last year but is now locked down and alarmed (as we were to find out on my first trip here) and about half of it has been demolished for a housing estate, the rest is currently following suit. I made 4 trips here over the end of last year/start of this year and enjoyed it a lot, the large amount of stripped offices/labs are more than made up for by some of the stuff which was left inside. Peculiarly for a site which closed a decade ago, some of it still looks as new and has working electricity, but parts of it show a decade of decline all too well. In the end we managed access to all but one of the main buildings, the only one that eluded us being an indoor test track.

These were all taken on my old bridge camera...and follow no real order just the order of the visits..

These are full body suits, boots and other clothing used in the climatic chambers

Here you see the body suit in action:

The enormous centrifugal fan which blasted air into the Cold Chamber

And the Hot Chamber

Continued below...

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