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Default St. Edwards Boys Home, Coleshill : Feb 2012

Heard lots about this place and we always wanted to take a look at it, so off with my girl and fellow splorer Sshhh... we went , I know it's been visited before but it was our first time here and maybe the images will show how it changes with each visit.

Below from the Father Husdon Society

The Birmingham Diocesan Rescue Society for the Protection of Homeless and Friendless Catholic Children was established in 1902 with Father Hudson as its first Secretary and Administrator. Father Hudson remained in Coleshill from 1898 until 1934. During that time the work of the Rescue Society grew, in particular the childrenís homes. Its expansion included St. Vincentís, a home for working boys in Moseley Road Birmingham, St. Edwards Boys Home, St Georgeís and St. Jamesí Cottage Homes for boys and St Gerardís hospital for children in Coleshill. St. Gerardís was the result of Father Hudsonís vision for a purpose built infirmary, not just for the boys of St. Edwards but for those from all Catholic homes in the Diocese and the Catholic children from the workhouse hospitals. Two new schools were established in Coleshill through the Society. Father Hudsonís devotion to the children, his patience, energy and great administrative skills guided this development and the Rescue Society became known colloquially as Father Hudsonís Homes...

It closed in the late 90's so been empty for a long time now.

It was a great sunny day and we spent hours in there it was a mostly good experience , whilst looking for a point of entry we saw lots of people in a more modern part so quickly resigned ourselves giving it a miss and thinking that a live site was adjoined to it so we left with thoughts of trying the buildings to its left St. Mary's ?

But as we were walking past , we spotted a way in well Shhh... did, in we went where we quickly realised we wasn't alone Sshhh... made some lad jump as she walked into the corridor he asked us if we were "recording" I said we were just taking pictures and walked past him and off he charged down the corridor, there were quite a few of them lads and lasses dont how many but the din they made as they ran around all over the building screaming and banging stuff about plus the smell of smoke was a bit unsettling, it was these lot we had seen in the more modern part at the side of the building from the outside, leading us to wrongly think it was stil partially a live site, finally after about 40 mins and the start of some really intense loud banging sound below us, my tolerance was used up and I bellowed into the corridors "F--k off doing all that " they shouted sorry and stopped for a while until eventually after about another hour or so of more noisy calalmities they left in the most UNstealthy manner ever.

Ah well the building still remained standing and hadn't caught fire, so the rest of the splore was really peaceful and relaxed. Ok lets pik...

This was taken as we left in the dark

have seen this little fellow a few times on other reports and was suprised it was still mostly in one piece

and similarly with this too

perhaps the air of extreme immaturity brought out mine for a while

As the light blazed in from the afternoon sun, it pierced through the holes in the wood used to board up some the windows making those rooms look like giant pin hole cameras

and right at the top the loft uncoversion

Thanks for looking

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