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Default Barrow Hospital - The END really is NIGH - April 2012

Barrow Hospital - The end is finally here

Wasn't sure whether to post this in the General Info section or Reports, as it's sort of a bit of both.

We all know Barrow Hospital, and we all know it's history. I know there have been a few threads started here and there over the last year or so talking about how the place is going, but so far nothing has happened. Well I can now say that is really is going. I've been keeping an eye on the place as it's my local, and it really has taken a while for anything to happen, mainly due to all of the bats on site, but that's another story.

You may have read about this last year:

Or seen this a few weeks ago:
but as the article states, the Care Village company has now officially been given the green light.

Went for a little mooch as had nothing better to do, and came across some changes.

As we were leaving, a man in a Land Rover pulled up to the main gates and preceded to enter. He saw us and came to talk to us. He said that as of today, work has officially started on the place, as the asbestos removal people are starting to get to work, and the trees are all (apart from a few at the front) being chopped down and burnt. He told us that the actual demolition was starting in mid-April, and there will be full time security on site from next week. Not that it still won't be possible to explore of course, it'll just make it more interesting!

My advice: If you want to get here and haven't, do it in the next week or two.

Trees have been cut down:

Cabins are gradually appearing around the site:

Works have been extended on Wild Country Lane:

Report: April 2012
Thought I would include some more pictures from the visit as an update:

Convenient fire?:

Although it will be sad to see the old place go, it has been expected for a while now.

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