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Default Corngreaves Hall, Cradley Heath, March 08 (Pic Heavy)

So I was out scouting for locations with my camera, when my brother phoned me. I said I was in Cradley Heath, and he mentioned this massive building that he passes on his way to work called Corngreaves Hall. I followed his directions, and found it. Its the goldmine! I phoned Virusman26 and as soon as he turned up we ventured inside.

Lots of photos... We started from the basement and worked our way up to the 2nd floor. Absolutely huge inside. After coming home and looking up more info on it, it seems that it was built around 1780. Evidence inside suggests that no repair work has been done since 1994, though there have been official visits inside as recent as 2006.
Don't think any urban explorers have been in before.

We think that the mosaic floor below is original.

Virusman26 found the plans/blueprints of the site in one room.

While we were on the 2nd floor we got spooked. I heard someone come in by the same route as us (not shown in these photos). We found out after that it was just kids who had gone in to drink a few cans of special brew, but to be safe, we left. I think when we came down the wooden stairs in our boots, we scared them more than they scared us as they went totally silent, but we figured its best to be safe so got out quickly and safely as we didn't know who it was for sure. We looked round the whole place before we shot photos, and I think we only didn't get photos of about 3-4 rooms at most.

Virusman26 should put up his photos soon. I've left off exterior shots as they show access points.

Even more can be seen on my flickr:

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