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Default American Adventure Theme Park, Ilkeston Derbyshire-April 08

I decided to revisit American adventure theme park to see how decimated it was and whether it had been developed on yet. The place is definitely looking deserted and there is not a lot left of the place and it was very sad to see it like this as I had some fond memories of the park in its heyday when I was a child.

Panoramic view of the site from Shipley country park

The pit head on approach to the park.

The first entrance was closed for years, I always liked this entrance and I don’t know why they decided to only use the one at the bottom of the park.

The car park at the bottom of the park looks a bit empty. Pitt lane entrance is blocked off so there is no entry by car here

A kestrel watches over the park and me from up high on the hill, don’t know if this was once a camera hut or was intended as a birds nest?

The security guard on his patrol across the other side of the lake

I waited for a train, but nothing came. The fact that most of the track has been ripped up probably didn’t help.

The remains of the farm animal buildings

Crazy golf

Nightmare Niagara log flume – remains of.

The shop buildings still remain. Silver city has been completely demolished though

Looks like someone didn’t approve of the facilities.

Aztec kingdom and motion master buildings still remain

The racing kart track was still intact

The remains of the water rapids are still evident. A lot of the concrete ‘track’ is filled in but some is still open.

The carrousel for loading/unloading boats is still intact but without the wooden platform. All the wood from the queuing area has gone but it looks like they gave up on destroying the concrete sections.

I didn’t have time to go and see the side where the twin looper and sky coaster used to be but it all looked flattened from a distance

for a comparison, here are maps from different years. notice that as the years go on there are fewer rides and the missile and nightmare niagra 'dissapear' in the later years.





A shame that the park had to end its life like this, but it was on its knees for years before it closed.
I hope Derbyshire council make good use of the land. The lake is very active with wildlife and so could be turned in to a nature reserve and be given to shipley country park which is only next door. But It will proberbly end up as a housing estate. only time will tell.
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