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Default Tatsfield Monitoring Station UPDATE 2008 Part 1

Ok - so this is a follow up to the good work done by Cybergibbons who took some great photos of this site in 2005. I should start by saying that I'm not really an Urbex-er at all. More a sort of "history of communications" anorak - which comes out of my day job. I've also got a bit of an interest in Cold War history and transmitter masts, so this was right up my alley as it were. I became interested in the site, when I was driving along the road from which the site is on. There are a half a dozen masts on that road, most of them for mobile comms (though one was/is the site of USAAF Botley Hill, which was a super secret communications link for the Americans in Europe during the Cold War, running a system called Autovon). I started off looking at the BT above ground tower which is there and Googling for information on its role when I came across a load of stuff on the BBC Monitoring Station. These pictures are from my first visit earlier on today. I didn't get across to the bunker so ably documented by Cybergibbons (the brambles around it are now about 6ft high and I wasn't dressed ahem, appropriately!) but I did manage to get some shots of the workshop, which has now been burnt out and in a much worse state than it was 2-3 years ago. I also got a shot of what must have been the main entrance gates. I don't know what the green covered things are - they might be capped bunkers as well. They are in the road opposite the site. There is a sign there but it is faded, though you can make out the word block . (I seem to remember somebody saying something about this on the forum. ) I'll be going back there in a couple of days so I'll try and get some shots of the bunker and other things. You can see why they built it there. Looking back from the base of the masts you could see all the way back past the Dartford Cross and over the Essex hills - magic!

More soon....


Or visit

to see more pics and comments!
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