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Default Barham Primary School, Trecwn, Pembrokeshire

Barham Primary closed in 2001. Its rolls had fallen following the decommissioning of the Trecwn naval depot and consequent loss of jobs.
Its building in 1877 was funded by the Barham family of the nearby mansion, in a curious mix of architectural styles. It is now derelict and looking rather sorry for itself. Its down a Private Road and literally backs onto the Trecwn RNAD, so i was a little careful with the camera as im unsure if taking pictures in the area is allowed due to the depots security. Although the place is quite trashed it has some interesting features, and someone with a decent camera could get some nice pics here. So here it is:

Now a couple of the Trecwn RNAD next to the school:

On a mission.
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