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Default Watford West Station

Part 2/2 for The Wannice and I on explore no.2.

After Croxley Green we continued to Watford West Station.

From the road, you could almost be mistaken that the station is still in use. Watford West Station is located on Tolpits Lane. Part of the Croxley Branch that was closed by the SRA in 1996 to allow for a road widening scheme which required a railway bridge to be removed between Watford West and Croxley Green Stations.

There was a chance this station may have been re-opened as part of an extension of the Metropolitan Line but according to TfL, this looks very unlikely.

Twelve years on, nature has really taken over, but we did find a few reminders of its past.


Street level. The skip was part of a housing development next door.

Looking down the steps to platform level.

Across the road from the station entrance, looking towards Croxley Green.
Try and note the buffer stops bottom left, probably to prevent any trains (should they run) from running out of track where the bridge had been removed

DOO mirror

Watford West, Network SouthEast

Looking along the platform

the_delta_force waits patiently for the next train

Way Out

British Rail trolley

Semaphore signal

Towards Croxley Green

Part of an old telephone handset

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