What are the hazards?

In damp decaying buildings there are often a number of other biological hazard issues to consider:

  • Moulds & fungus can cause respiratory problems and infections.
  • Droppings from pigeons, mice and rats contain many nasty diseases.
  • Vermin also carry ticks, lice and fleas.
  • Urban watercourses will mostly likely carry weil's disease.
  • Anything that can cut you will most likely be infected with tetanus.
  • Used needles can be an HIV and Hepatitis Risk.

What can be done about them?

It's highly unlikely that any of the above will be much more than a consideration, however it is always wise to be aware of the possible risks, make sure your tetanus jabs are up to date and don't go picking up obviously nasty things.

Keep an eye out for used needles and other sharp objects, they can be found anywhere so wear boots with thick soles and watch where you put your hands when climbing across / through things.

The other obvious safety measure is to wear gloves and wash your hands as soon as you can after leaving a site.