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  • AdTreads's Avatar
    24th Nov 20, 09:05
    We went to look a this the weekend! Were met by sounds of people talking, 2 workmen putting up trespassing signs. Dont know if any fences or cameras going up, trying again this weekend.
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  • Fluffy's Avatar
    23rd Nov 20, 13:38
    Introduction; Yes I’m a bit late to the party, again. Story of my life, eh. But we were in the area anyway and I couldn’t just drive past those famous gates without popping my head in and having a look, could I!? Even today, this place is quite majestic. It certainly made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up when I stopped and thought about the history here; the YEARS (Over 300!) of industry, and the sadness of how it all came to an end.
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  • mattwey21's Avatar
    21st Nov 20, 15:15
    If you view the source of the page you can see the links. Not sure if this will work or not.... IMG_3008 by ShibbyJay, on Flickr IMG_3011 by ShibbyJay, on Flickr IMG_3011 by ShibbyJay, on Flickr IMG_3015 by ShibbyJay, on Flickr
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  • HughieD's Avatar
    21st Nov 20, 00:27
    Great pix. Wouldn't get in today...
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  • UrbandonedTeam's Avatar
    20th Nov 20, 23:31
    Grand Theatre The Doncaster Grand was constructed in 1899 and originally stood on a prominent site in a shopping street facing the main railway station. However, town centre improvements robbed it of any sensible context and it is no longer in a street, but attached rather indirectly to the Frenchgate shopping centre. It still faces the station, however is separated from it by a busy inner ring road which comes so close that it has actually snipped off a lower corner of the stage house....
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  • jhluxton's Avatar
    20th Nov 20, 21:44
    When I was in Tintern on September I they have tried to tidy it up a bit by painting a mural on the hoarding facing teh main road entitled "The Marian Way" It is the first phase of a Words and Landscape project and development of a Pilgrimage route, proposed for 2021 by Friends of Our Lady of Tintern. The circular path, which will begin at this point, will be mapped onto parts of a mediaeval Pilgrimage route to and from Tintern Abbey, taking modern day walkers along the arduous Stony Way...
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  • jhluxton's Avatar
    20th Nov 20, 20:50
    Here are the two photos I took of the interior back in 2003: L1050647 - Ayr Station Hotel by John Luxton, on Flickr L1050722 - Ayr Station Hotel by John Luxton, on Flickr
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  • stu8fish's Avatar
    20th Nov 20, 19:25
    That Chapel looks sweet. Darkness awaits it.
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  • jhluxton's Avatar
    20th Nov 20, 16:57
    Fascinating! My father and I actually stayed there for a couple of nights when we took a trip on PS Waverley and then went over to Aran with the car. Good to see that lift again. It had manual doors and there was a constant loop recorded message playing inside the lift reminding users to close the doors on exit - because if you didn't it would remain on the floor you alighted in and prevent others from using it. Obviously funds must have been tight back then otherwise the lift would have been...
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  • Hugh Jorgan's Avatar
    19th Nov 20, 10:31
    Interesting and different. That's a shame it couldn't be viable. It looked promising.
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  • callumcrom00's Avatar
    19th Nov 20, 10:06
    Looks cool that one
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  • HughieD's Avatar
    19th Nov 20, 07:56
    Bit different this place innit? Decent set there mate. Looks like you got your urbex Xmas pic sorted for this year too...
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  • BikinGlynn's Avatar
    19th Nov 20, 07:34
    Admit it I had you there with the title didnt I. Alas this isnt really a lovely victorian station but rather a minature railway at a defunct garden centre. ‘All-In-One’ was a family run business, in Allostock, closed its doors to the public on Sunday, July 31 after it became financially ‘unviable’ due to a drop in footfall. The Staffords took over the business five years ago from Hills Garden Centre, and spent about £150,000 to modernise it. Despite that, and improving the...
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  • callumcrom00's Avatar
    19th Nov 20, 04:14
    Hello HugieD i have seen that website its very interesting, lots of information on there.
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  • callumcrom00's Avatar
    19th Nov 20, 04:13
    No worries Krela
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  • HughieD's Avatar
    18th Nov 20, 21:41
    Enjoyed that. Quite a bit of info HERE
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  • krela's Avatar
    18th Nov 20, 17:11
    I love that, cheers.
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  • callumcrom00's Avatar
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  • callumcrom00's Avatar
    17th Nov 20, 00:54
    Cheers King Al
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  • callumcrom00's Avatar
    17th Nov 20, 00:40
    The site has quite a huge chunk of history behind it, starting off in 1948 when the Checkendon site was obtained by the MOD then later on turned into a hostel for Polish families who were arriving from the Middle East and South Africa. Eventually Checkendon became a bustling polish camp with its own church and priest, school, entertainments and a hall, therefore it showed this camp was very similar to the rest throughout the UK. Checkendon POW Camp eventually closed in the 60s and much of it...
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  • callumcrom00's Avatar
    16th Nov 20, 23:52
    The US Camp remains in Nettlebed is one of the many sites in the Chilterns, South Oxfordshire area since my early urbex days. During the Second World War, the quiet woods around Nettlebed and Peppard were a hive of activity, as camps were set up to accommodate allied troops. Around a quarter of a million personnel were housed there, along with equipment including tanks, trucks and ambulances. One of the groups stationed in the area was the 343rd US Army Engineers. Not much remains of the...
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  • HughieD's Avatar
    16th Nov 20, 23:30
    1. The History Lime quarrying has been common in this part of Derbyshire ever since the 1800s. In 1891 fierce competition saw 13 quarry owners consolidate their 17 quarries into the Buxton Lime Firms. They were controlled by four directors who tried to create a monopoly by raising the price of lime. Around the turn of the 20th century they were produced 280,000 tons of lime per year and dominated the industry in Derbyshire. The Cowdale quarry was initially established in 1898 by the New Buxton...
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