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  • B W T's Avatar
    Today, 18:47
    Maison 3 Suisses #01 Late For Dinner After time had been standing still here for 30 years, we were the first who enter this forgotten house in a while. This narrow building located in rural Belgium was home to a former banker who vanished into the night. As it seems, he was doing some shady business. He needed to run and left behind everything. Since then, the abandoned house is preserved as a time capsule from a different era. Join us on today's exploration while we search for clues to find...
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  • urbexdevil's Avatar
    Today, 17:18
    We looked for it but didn't really have any idea where we needed to look, I have since figured out where the entrances are though so it's just a case of getting back there. That ladder been there long then? So many random bits of rope and cable ties holding it to the chain
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  • TeeJF's Avatar
    Today, 17:04
    Did you do the underground stuff on shore very close by? It's ages since I did this place but we got down part of the tunnels. The battery itself hasn't changed much has it! Surprised to see a ladder is still on the wall though.
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  • urbexdevil's Avatar
    Today, 15:01
    While in the area at another location, it made sense to check out Benenden Hospital out before embarking on the long journey home. Another site that had been high on the list for quite some time. Although the site still stands, it has long been stripped out and notices around the perimeter fencing suggest it was due for demolition pending planning permission back in late 2019 which was later denied and subsequently still stands. Unfortunately most buildings were locked shut, and with the...
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  • urbexdevil's Avatar
    Today, 14:58
    I had an urge to get something I havenít done ticked off the list and this time was an abandoned train. Through all the years of exploring, this is the first train explore for me. Exploring again with CapturePhotography and setting off at a reasonable mid morning time with a pleasant 24c heat behind us, we made our way to Kent in search of the trains. For the first time in years we bumped into a few other explorers too which made for a nice change and a convenient hint on access. The...
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  • ocelot397's Avatar
    Today, 13:00
    This the press (I think).
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  • Hugh Jorgan's Avatar
    23rd May 20, 07:40
    Nicely done. When I first moved to Aberdeen in the late 1970s that's where I spent most of my days at the pool. It's just how I remembered it. Pity about the grafitti though.
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  • UrbandonedTeam's Avatar
    22nd May 20, 18:10
    Bon Accord Baths Bon Accord Baths was constructed to provide a centrally located public baths in Aberdeen, as previously the public bathed at baths overlooking Aberdeen beach. Although the foundation stone was laid in 1936 the building was not completed until August 1940 and cost £37,000. The swimming pool is 120 feet long x 42 feet wide with the water varying in depth from 3 to 15 feet. Flanking the pool is raked seating for 1000 spectators to view the many galas that were held at...
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  • NoseyGit's Avatar
    22nd May 20, 17:40
    A cracking set of photos.
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  • zombizza's Avatar
    22nd May 20, 12:02
    Very nice shots,and makes me realise how much I didn't see. Was it hard moving around? When I went there a few years ago, it was a nightmare with everything boarded up well, and they even nailed up the doors inside, between rooms.
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  • BikinGlynn's Avatar
    22nd May 20, 11:52
    It was a week ago I edited pic but this is me just getting round to posting as life is a little crazy at the mo! We stopped in here an a whistle stop tour early this year without any idea what it actually was. After negotiating the Krypton factor style access we were inside ... & still didnt have a clue what it was. So what do u do? ask someone who will know & a quick message to @urbanchemist & all was revealed.
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  • Jazzy_Jefferson's Avatar
    21st May 20, 12:11
    From what I understand, the "process" of closing it and turning it into the logistics hub has taken far longer than anticipated, as a result, there has been the odd event here and there. Drifting takes place outside the venue in an old car park section I believe, They've been told a few times to expect an eviction but it hasn't happened yet.
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  • BikinGlynn's Avatar
    21st May 20, 09:17
    Yes I believe it did, & they still do drifting there now
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  • Pinder270's Avatar
    21st May 20, 02:43
    Supposedly there was 2 more events held last year for bikers. Was kept pretty quiet and no records of it other than 2 dates so not sure if it even happened! 26th August and 21st September, tickets were on sale also.
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  • Goldenbeard's Avatar
    20th May 20, 21:06
    I went watched the Indycar race they held here, trouble was it kept spitting so they had to keep putting out yellows so they could dry the track. It was a bit of a let down, shame. Didn't realise it had closed
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  • Goldenbeard's Avatar
    20th May 20, 21:00
    I have about this place aswell, I've walked around bow down common bomb store a lot but this intrigued me, it's called limberlost bomb store after the farm next to it. Built at the end of ww2 but not used.
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  • Fluffy's Avatar
    19th May 20, 20:57
    Fluffy replied to a thread HMS Ganges..Suffolk in Military Sites
    Wow. Just wow. Never seen anything like that; that's absolutely stunning. That's how exploring is done. I aspire to you, Mikey. Hats off.
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  • smiler's Avatar
    19th May 20, 17:24
    smiler replied to a thread HMS Ganges..Suffolk in Military Sites
    All that plus a Belfast, Nice One Mikey
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  • BikinGlynn's Avatar
    19th May 20, 14:13
    Yeah think there was both in this barn I went in, was a wooden structure that looked like some stocks at first glance!
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  • BikinGlynn's Avatar
    19th May 20, 14:12
    BikinGlynn replied to a thread Brigstock Camp in Military Sites
    Interesting take on it. Im not a fan of distorted pics but it makes this place look better than it actual is so well done
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  • Infraredd's Avatar
    18th May 20, 21:06
    Infraredd replied to a thread Brigstock Camp in Military Sites
    bought it off E-bay & the quartz filter was scratched so I had it redone.
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  • Budice's Avatar
    18th May 20, 20:05
    Budice replied to a thread Brigstock Camp in Military Sites
    Very cool looking place and pictures. Did you have your camera converted to full spectrum or is ir a purpose made one?
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  • ocelot397's Avatar
    18th May 20, 17:41
    So that's the bit that mashes all the apples up, the press was in the corner; I was literally about to jump through the window when the farmer showed up!
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  • Infraredd's Avatar
    18th May 20, 17:30
    Brigstock Camp built 1925 and over the years was used for an Emigration Camp, an Army Camp, ATS and Land Army Camp, US Army Training School, and in 1960 Stewarts & Lloyds Steelworks purchased Brigstock Camp for £23,000 at an auction. One hundred people moved from Scotland to work at the Steelworks and used Brigstock Camp for their living quarters and paid between £2.00 to £4.00 a week in rent and were allowed to stay up to nine months to allow them to find suitable accommodation. Done with a...
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  • explorinwithkier's Avatar
    18th May 20, 14:11
    This places is deffo on my hit list for this year!! brilliant shots urbexdevil :glee:
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  • BikinGlynn's Avatar
    18th May 20, 07:17
    Nice that some interesting stuff to see
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  • BikinGlynn's Avatar
    18th May 20, 07:13
    Not bad that, so that last pic is a cider press? There was one in a barn near where I stayed in Wales last year, didnt know what it was for but was identical to that!
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