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  • KPUrban_'s Avatar
    11th Mar 20, 21:17
    USAF/RAF Bentwaters Bentwaters is a former RAF Base used by the RAF and The USAF, in the cold war, which now become Bentwaters parks. Operated by the RAF from 1912 then the USAF until 1993 it was left vacant and has now become a business park like most former bases of this type. The grounds are littered with hardened aircraft hangars, bomb stores, planes, taxiways and other such stuff. Two notable buildings are "The Hush" and the "Star Wars Building". The Hush is a former testing facility...
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  • loulou's Avatar
    29th Mar 20, 15:41
    Im surprised that this place does not appear to have been posted on this forum yet... Anyway got to explore this place on a beautiful sunny day. The farm is nestled within very active clay workings belonging to imerys, so therefore is not easily accessible and its a bit of a hike to get there. Some history: The actual farmhouse itself was built in the 1500's and was once part of a larger manor house. The last family to occupy this farm was my friends grandparents who also owned...
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  • Mikeymutt's Avatar
    15th Mar 20, 11:07
    Visited this old house last year after a tip off from a friend who lost his cat, he went looking for it and stumbled upon this old house. I have been a few old hoarders houses, but nothing quite like this one. It was a case of climbing over a mountain of stuff to move about. It has been abandoned quite a few years by the state of it. The occupants obviously liked a bit of camera work, as lots of old cameras dotted about. In the garden are some nice cars and bikes, including several old ladas.
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  • UrbandonedTeam's Avatar
    13th Mar 20, 18:30
    'Hunters' House As with most of these sorts of places, there is little to no history we could find. From what we discovered, the building was last used in 2015, and the grandparents that we think lived there were in the process of moving when something tragic happened, causing the structure to be left as it was. It seems that the residents were proud hunters, and the original people that found the house came across a rifle and animal trophies hung on the walls. Since then, those...
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  • Echo Seven's Avatar
    5th Mar 20, 13:38
    Not sure how this got nicknamed but I guess someone found some mushrooms at some point! I had this on my radar for a while, but didn't quite manage to get there before the tour bus, so apologies if you've seen this location a few times already. I was in Aviemore for the weekend with the wife so only managed a few hours in here. Don't know much of the history and despite the pretty good condition there weren't many personal items to get a story from. If anything, it looks like the owner...
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  • Fluffy's Avatar
    9th Mar 20, 13:38
    Well, we did it! :redface: History; Since the 24th August 1921, Torquay's Palace Hotel has been a leading Torquay hotel set in the heart of the English Riviera, in the South West of England. Beautifully situated among 25 acres of landscaped gardens extending to the sea, the pale green building is a local landmark with an enviable reputation for the highest standards of cuisine, accommodation and hospitality. Although opened as an hotel in 1921, the Palace is actually a considerably...
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  • BikinGlynn's Avatar
    4th Mar 20, 13:55
    Been covered a few times but lets start with the obligatory across the rails pic, was a drizzley grey day at the time of our visit. What little history there is about this place has been covered already so I wont go into that much, but essentially this has been used as a private dwelling ever since its closure sometime in the 60's For me the owners obviously link with cars was the main interest here, with some memorabilia still left leaning towards Bugatti ownership.
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  • BikinGlynn's Avatar
    8th Mar 20, 21:36
    I dont know if there is a real name to this place but it was owned by the Neal family who I knew vaguely when growing up. Iv drove past this a thousand times & was led to believe the father "Neal" still lived there, it would appear most people assumed the same as while things are a little upturned there is no significant vandalism. Im not sure if they have started clearing out & for some reason stopped as there is a lot of personal stuff left inside. Iv been told the new housing...
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  • urbexdevil's Avatar
    9th Mar 20, 12:00
    Missing the boat with the rest of the Pyestock site, the Anechoic Facility has been high on the list of places to see for quite some time and despite missing the boat, it was not a disappointment. I canít say I have ever been somewhere quite like it, with all walls still covered with sound deadening materials creating the most deathly silence other than the occasional pigeon. With no windows the facility is easily one of the darkest I have ever been in too, even with torches it look quite...
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  • Echo Seven's Avatar
    6th Mar 20, 15:17
    This 15th-century Castle, a Z-plan tower house, belonged to William Douglas, 8th Earl of Douglas. The castle passed to the Crawfords, and then the Rutherfords. It was extensively rebuilt in later centuries, and from at least 50 years ago has been owned by a family business. 50 years ago they got a licence to turn the basement into a dungeon bar, in the 80's they built a restaurant in the floor above. The other areas were used as living accommodation. After the businesses failed 20 years ago...
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  • HughieD's Avatar
    11th Mar 20, 00:24
    1. The History Due to its listed monument status, there is quite a large amount of information about this site. Situated to the east of Bolton Upon Dearne and 200m north of the River Dearne, the HAA gun site known as Station H17, represents a well- preserved example of a mid-World War II gun site, consisting of a command post, four gun emplacements, a Nissen-hut magazine and a service track. In terms of the background to this site, World War II saw the emergence of strategic bombing in the...
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  • Fluffy's Avatar
    3rd Mar 20, 15:44
    Afternoon folks, So it seems Healings Mill is currently surrounded by about 6ft deep water on all sides right now... Who knew, eh? Probably should have guessed that really with the weather in the past few weeks, hey ho. As a relative newbie to this exploring lark (compared to the rest of you), I've had a few successes recently and was keen to try some more, so with advice and encouragement from Mikeymutt, I set out to do a solo explore of Healings Mill. But that'll now have to wait for...
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  • BikinGlynn's Avatar
    11th Mar 20, 13:37
    Just another domestic we did recently, genuinely have no name or history for this place and don't know why this one is empty as its a delightful house on the boarders which seems in good structural shape! I really liked it here it had a nice feel about it & Id happily move in tomorrow ;-) Flickr It appears that squatters were possibly using this room although its an unlikely rural location. Either way they have kept the place really tidy
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  • UrbandonedTeam's Avatar
    27th Mar 20, 18:01
    ABC Cinema The power functioned on the lower floors are partly into the foyer on our first visit, which is when the lit up shots were taken. If you left the lights on for more than 3-4 minutes, a loud alarm would go off so we saved turning them on to the end of our visit. On our second venture, the lights wouldn't work at all. I heard someone else went following us and got them back on again though, so I'm not sure how the situation with them truly is. We'll start with the main...
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  • BikinGlynn's Avatar
    12th Mar 20, 12:53
    Hardly worth posting this & was hardly worth photographing which is kinda why Im posting! I didnt think it worth getting the camera out so all these were phone pics (on a fairly old iphone) so just wanting to see opinions on them really. As prev reports I really cant find any history on this place, other than it was a "tacky goods" import business.. Oh & its completely nackered. We firstly entered the neighbouring Kingfield Heath building to be met by some unsavoury looking...
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  • urbexdevil's Avatar
    23rd Mar 20, 18:50
    Sorry to jump on the bandwagon @Fluffy 😂 Seeing a recent report on this place and searching for something to do during the corona times, this seemed an ideal place to isolate away from the world and enjoy the urbex world. I have to say, I have never come across a place full of so much stuff! Unfortunately it does appear that kids have already been in and smashed everything they could get their hands on leaving the floor completely covered in some areas. A great explore none the less,...
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  • slobberchops's Avatar
    17th Mar 20, 08:30
    Before embarking on our winter break to Lanzarote in January 2020, I checked to see if there were any Urban Explores worthy of a visit. '*Hotel Atlante del Sol*' or '*Hotel en Ruinas*' as it's now marked on Google maps was the most interesting and pronounced of anything I could find. Next is a little history. Just why is there a huge abandoned hotel next to a remote beauty spot with little or no roads to get there? The last point is not strictly correct as I would find out on...
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  • B W T's Avatar
    3rd Mar 20, 07:19
    Blue Towel by Tobi_urbex #03 This forgotten power plant completely frozen in time is all thatís left of one of Polandís largest factories. After 150 years of operation, it was abandoned only a short time ago. Today, the well-guarded premises can look back upon a diverse past. This was even used as a death camp of the Nazis once. Blue Towel #01 Here we wanted to see the remains of an undisclosed landmark that was known in Poland and the whole world. But today, only a few buildings of...
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  • urbexdevil's Avatar
    23rd Mar 20, 18:44
    A revisit and the third time lucky, this time without running out of battery or loosing daylight, in fact it couldnít have been better weather for it. I managed to do the canteen side of Bletchley a good 5 years ago and had a failed visit after my camera battery died on this side somewhere between then and now. Luck turned this time and managed to get into both block D and G which was amazing to see so much old equipment still sitting around. History is well known but hereís a "short"...
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  • mookster's Avatar
    23rd Mar 20, 10:03
    Had a possibly final chance to get out and about with my camera before we end up in a total lockdown situation, so decided to keep it local and check out a few things that had been bugging me for a while. I found this place last year and on my first look, decided to skip it due to it's proximity to a very operational military base which had a lot of activity going on in the compound next door to it, the site is also directly opposite one of the guarded entrance gates so we thought discretion...
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  • loulou's Avatar
    3rd Mar 20, 19:32
    Salton Sea California Visited this place on a road trip across the western states in sept 2017. This place has some very interesting history. It is also featured in the popular console game GTA5. Some of the locals did not seem too pleased with our interest in Trevors trailor park desert shores (aka sandy shores) and we had ones beloved rotty set upon us. it chased us back to our car and out of the park! :nevreness: so because of this we were reluctant to leave the safety of our vehicle...
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  • Newage's Avatar
    15th Mar 20, 13:09
    Hi All Day 3 of our road trip saw the boys head from Wales to darkest Cornwall to a mine that has fascinated me for a couple of years - after a metric bucket load of emails I ended up with permission to do the mine. It`s not that big anymore as the 3 or 4 lower levels were sealed, some of the surface process building still exist in the woods. A wee bit of History - South Terras mine was worked from 1870 up until 1930, it was worked for Iron a bit of Tin and - Uranium and Radium, the...
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  • urbexdevil's Avatar
    16th Mar 20, 12:54
    Not so much of a new report this one and more a chance to take the opportunity to revisit and find the naval ship guns I missed out 3 years earlier. It seems like everything I was looking for has been moved out of the storage bunkers ready to move elsewhere, the site also appears have been cleared in a lot of places so not sure if it's a sign of redevelopment or there are plans for use again. Also a massive improvement on my previous pictures as I am no longer being lazy and actually...
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  • Fluffy's Avatar
    17th Mar 20, 17:43
    History; I'm coming up a bit blank on this one guys, sorry! From what we can work out, this pub/restaurant/B&B had been in and out of business on and off for a good number of years. There's a decent review of the place on Trip Advisor from 2016, but then nothing before that after 2011. A review on 'Pubs Galore' in 2012 states the following; "The friendly landlady explained that the pub had been closed for a while, re-opening a week ago. Prior to that it had a somewhat chequered...
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  • loulou's Avatar
    4th Mar 20, 09:35
    Rodney Ghost Town Mississippi Explored this place in sept 2018 as part of our road trip of the deep south. The road to this town was mostly miles upon miles of dirt track. We did not see another sole! When we did reach paved road it was becoming overgrown - i did take some pics of the road but unfortunately i cant seem to find them :culpability: There was lots to see here but most of the wooden structures were falling apart or almost completely overgrown. It did appear as if a couple of...
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  • B W T's Avatar
    18th Mar 20, 20:23
    Elektrownia Karola Scheiblera by Tobi_urbex #04 Infiltrating forbidden territory right under the nose of the authorities - sometimes, you just have to be bold enough and blend in to get inside the most spectacular abandoned places you can imagine. Disguised as construction crew on a busy working site nobody would ever stop you. But there is also another approach: Reach out to the landlord, be kind and ask for permission to explore the premises. As a result, we were able to visit this...
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  • HughieD's Avatar
    27th Mar 20, 12:29
    1. The History Heavy anti-aircraft battery (HAA) sites were permanent sites consisting of four guns mounted in the centre of their own circular earthen embankment, each of which had concrete lockers for storing ammunition. These four emplacements were evenly positioned in a semi-circular ĎCí shape around a central battery command post with the bulge of the ĎCí pointing roughly in the opposite direction to the area being defended so as to cover the approach to the target. The command post...
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  • fridgemidge's Avatar
    24th Mar 20, 20:14
    Hello its my first post IMG_20190528_045124 by Fridge Midge, on Flickr IMG_20190528_045222 by Fridge Midge, on Flickr IMG_20190528_045243 by Fridge Midge, on Flickr IMG_20190528_045646 by Fridge Midge, on Flickr IMG_20190528_050347 by Fridge Midge, on Flickr IMG_20190528_051717 by Fridge Midge, on Flickr IMG_20190528_051747 by Fridge Midge, on Flickr IMG_20190528_052015 by Fridge Midge, on Flickr IMG_20190528_052151 by Fridge Midge, on Flickr
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