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  • Bignickb's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:25
    Diesel Tanks! Pumps and a doormat? Diesel ships engine! With dynamos connected to generate power! Second engine! This would be a loud room!
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  • KPUrban_'s Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:13
    A nice little explore that. Remember getting chased out by secca so we had to go back and get straight on the roof. Nice shots. Wish I'd got more of the dials and stuff.
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  • BikinGlynn's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:46
    Time really stood still in this place in more ways than one! I have little history on this delightful place, Obviously the original owner was a watch / clock maker who I believe died some time ago. It is rumoured that his daughter then lived in the property into old age, but why the house was never "cleared out" remains a mystery to me! This place has suddenly become live due to some careless social media posts but Im pleased to say is now sealed & the local clock & watch museum are in...
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  • Cornishpixie's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:45
    I've moved to the area this house is in. My father in law suggested I take a look at the house because I want to buy a property here.... I couldn't find any information about the house till I put a search into Google and came up with this thread and the photos, and another site which held photos of the house. I'm currently trying to trace the owners of the property as I'm so disturbed with the amount of decay and vandalism that seems to have taken place over the course of time. In my early...
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  • Landie_Man's Avatar
    Yesterday, 14:22
    ICI Imagedata, Brantham, Essex - July 2019 I had been planning on doing this one for a few weeks. It's about 2 hours from me around the M25; Mookster and I visited last weekend. It's just my sort of thing really; it's quite stripped and smashed up, but its got some amazing decay inside and out; just the kind of industrial decay I always crave, nice and quiet here and a decent undisturbed morning. I didn't realise that this site was actually related to one I had done years ago; Wardle...
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  • Dirus_Strictus's Avatar
    18th Jul 19, 13:25
    The armament in these batteries was ex Battleship ordinance from scrapped, obsolete ships, and being of such a large calibre was slow to load and fire. Also they were long range guns - hence the time of flight was much longer than the smaller calibre QF ordinance. Plenty of time to manhandle the shells and propellant cartridges into the breeches. Interestingly; when I was a lad, the old sidings that were situated under Hexthorpe Bridge and beyond in Doncaster used to be full of 16 Ton Wagons...
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  • HughieD's Avatar
    18th Jul 19, 11:40
    Love this place. Nicely taken set of pictures mate...
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  • Dirus_Strictus's Avatar
    17th Jul 19, 13:55
    Dirus_Strictus replied to a thread Ron's Place in Rural Sites
    There is an emergency numberer for gas leaks listed under the local energy suppliers phone numbers. Never waste the Fire Service's time on leaks - unless there is an actual fire or open flames nearby. Most leaks in derelict properties are due to fractured pipework or mains / pipework theft - not just a matter of turning off a tap on an appliance. The Gas Supply Company will deal with the matter far more quickly.
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  • Hugh Jorgan's Avatar
    16th Jul 19, 17:25
    Hugh Jorgan replied to a thread Ron's Place in Rural Sites
    That's a nice explore. I like the way you move the camera, nice and slow and you examine the calendars. If there's a smell of gas you should have called out the Fire Service and report a leak of gas. You sound like TikiTrex who's also from the country of the Maple leaf. There is a guide to posting videos on this forum.
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  • Hugh Jorgan's Avatar
    16th Jul 19, 16:53
    Nice house. A shame about the bannisters. The fireplaces are very large compared with the size of the room it used to heat. I've seen bedrooms about the same size but with smaller fireplaces.
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  • Dirus_Strictus's Avatar
    15th Jul 19, 21:38
    What a soul less place that is - and the exterior looks quite nice.
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  • Savage Blonde's Avatar
    15th Jul 19, 18:05
    Savage Blonde started a thread Ron's Place in Rural Sites
    I love when I explore a place and come out of it as if I knew the people that once lived there!! Not sure where Ron is now but I enjoyed getting to him 😊. Not sure how to post pictures of this place but I'm sure I'll eventually figure this forum out 😉
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  • mookster's Avatar
    15th Jul 19, 17:31
    Visited this place on a little check-up of things fairly local to me, saw it had popped up recently so thought why not. Was a good little mooch in a fabulous setting, however the extremely close railway bridge is somewhat offputting I'd imagine - if it was me lucky enough to be the purchaser of the property I'd perhaps want to build a house a little further away from the bridge! The house is situated on an Black Potts Ait - the island which gives the house it's name, and is currently for sale....
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  • khurbanx's Avatar
    15th Jul 19, 15:39
    The explore: This one was a straight forward easy one and was not even planned we just in the area anyway, Care home itself looks like it got brought and something then failed. Fun little explore. I remember reading about this one online year ago when it closed. History :
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  • wolfism's Avatar
    14th Jul 19, 20:05
    Good stuff, the ballroom would have been grand in its day…
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  • Mikeymutt's Avatar
    14th Jul 19, 17:54
    Thank you all for the lively comments. Glad my guess as it being a flood overflow system was fairly right. My pics seem to be doing strange things with mixed sizes. Yet all set to hi Res
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  • Mikeymutt's Avatar
    14th Jul 19, 17:53
    That's a bit nice actually. The overgrowth makes it. Very nice set Hughie
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  • Mikeymutt's Avatar
    14th Jul 19, 17:51
    Nice mate. I enjoyed my trip here. And looks like some new graffiti there.
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  • sj9966's Avatar
    14th Jul 19, 16:22
    Good stuff, I can remember as an apprentice jig boring parts that the company I worked for supplied to Molins for their machines. They had to be machined to a very tight tolerance and were quite tricky, I didn't like working on them!
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  • HughieD's Avatar
    14th Jul 19, 07:04
    That's a pretty fascinating place Mook. And you are right. That fireplace surround is lovely.
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