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  • Jazzy_Jefferson's Avatar
    13th May 20, 17:28
    Hi All, I've a bit of a thing for unused race tracks. Usually they're old RAF bases steeped with heritage coupled with motorsport. Not really in this case though... it was built on an old quarry. Rockingham Speedway, whilst a fantastic venue, never really took off in the way they hoped, I don't think they ever filled every seat. That said, it was a firm favourite for the British Touring Car Championship and Formula 3 race series. Motorsport and such activity ceased in 2018 and it's now...
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  • AdeyM's Avatar
    1st Jun 20, 12:37
    My first report here and the 3rd location I've done in the last 2 weeks. I'll post reports to the other locations soon. I shoot on film so great care is taken in taking these shots! This farm house is also known by another name which is how I was able to locate it so to protect it somewhat, I've renamed it. Things I found out during my explore: The last person living here was an elderly woman called Violet and she passed away in early 2018. The house has been relatively untouched since...
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  • UrbandonedTeam's Avatar
    8th May 20, 17:01
    Raven Morrow Mansion There isn't much history available for the site, but we think it was built in the late 1980s and vacated from 2014. Apparently there are 14 bedrooms, each with on-suites and owned by some Latvian men, who live in the security house joined to the manor.
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  • urbexdevil's Avatar
    17th May 20, 19:56
    Exploring out to sea, sort of, a first for myself and with only a weeks planning the best tide times to head out to Grain Tower Battery myself and CapturePhotography found ourselfs at the battery. Despite the excitement, my hatred for ladders still appears to be a thing, quoting Jeremy Clarkson’s “many poos have come out” while climbing the sketchy ladder. The explore itself was great, and in some cases quite unusual with the mount of general public also walking out to the battery and...
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  • ocelot397's Avatar
    17th May 20, 17:34
    Cider Press Hall, May 2020 One that's local (so passes social distancing tests!) and one I've been saving for a while. The farmer rumbled me before I could get more shots of the press, so I had to beat a hasty retreat. Not much in the way of history I'm afraid, but it's been abandoned for some time pre-2000s for sure and would have been a lovely house in its day. 1. 2. No way in the front door...
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  • urbexdevil's Avatar
    14th May 20, 11:29
    Random road trips to the middle of nowhere because we can, always results in urbex! This time the industrial goodness that is Selborne Brickworks. This place is packed with quite a bit of machinery still considering how long the place has been shut and certainly made for some awesome photos, with some cool graffiti dotted about too from whoever I can assume is “Just Matter” 🤷*♂️ Some short and brief history on the place followed by the all important pictures
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  • Jazzy_Jefferson's Avatar
    13th May 20, 17:26
    Hi all, I visited last summer and it was one of my more enjoyable explores with quite a few features which of course are either racing or airfield related. Access was a piece of piss, I hear there's a very angry man who lives on site but I guess I got lucky. The sun was setting making for some wonderful colours, however constantly changing light conditions made things a little tricky. It's a fairly well known site already, there's loads of reports out there so I'll skip on the history...
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  • BikinGlynn's Avatar
    9th May 20, 10:26
    Talking to @downandbeyond the other day about this the other day so thought I would do a repost as its one of my favorite local explores & my first pics were quite frankly crap! The original mill dates to 1700, with a later extension added on in 1840. The mill is 3 storey + attic. The wheel is iron and wooden waterwheel aprox 14 feet diam and 12 feet wide & is still in place with water still flowing beneath,
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  • BikinGlynn's Avatar
    29th May 20, 21:40
    RAF polebrook is all but invisible on google now but there is still a few secrets to be found! The airfield was built on Rothschild estate land starting in August 1940. It was from Polebrook that the United States Army Air Forces' Eighth Air Force carried out its first heavy bomb group (Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress) combat mission on 17 August 1942, and from which Major Clark Gable flew combat missions in 1943. looming out the woods the first thing you come across is a lovely old...
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  • fridgemidge's Avatar
    9th May 20, 21:04
    The History Permanites Cawdor site was built in the 1960's to produce mastic asphalt in the form of flooring blocks and roof linings. Using bitumen brought in from Ellesmere port and limestone from the local Middle Peak quarry. The site closed in 2009 to relocate to Grangemill. Now known as IKO. A quote from a Facebook group: "Originally this was Permanite. Mastic asphalt is a mixture of bitumen with limestone grit and powder mixed at around 200c for about 5 hours. Run out hot by hand in...
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  • Infraredd's Avatar
    18th May 20, 17:30
    Brigstock Camp built 1925 and over the years was used for an Emigration Camp, an Army Camp, ATS and Land Army Camp, US Army Training School, and in 1960 Stewarts & Lloyds Steelworks purchased Brigstock Camp for £23,000 at an auction. One hundred people moved from Scotland to work at the Steelworks and used Brigstock Camp for their living quarters and paid between £2.00 to £4.00 a week in rent and were allowed to stay up to nine months to allow them to find suitable accommodation. Done with a...
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  • Jenal Urbex's Avatar
    1st Jun 20, 17:21
    St Joseph's Orphanage was funded and built on behalf of a wealthy widow named "Maria Holland" in 1872 who was frequently donating £10,000 at a time to build the structure as Preston had one of the worst mortality rates in the UK at the time due to poor housing and low paid mill workers. In 1877 "St Joseph's Institute for the Sick and Poor" was opened. The chapel was added in 1910. The hospital could accomodate around 25 patients at a time and was run by Sisters of Charity of Our Lady Mother of...
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  • derbyshire-urbex's Avatar
    14th May 20, 19:48
    First report for you, shame its not more interesting. Decided I would go with a friend of mine to find the ROC post at Locko park, took us a little while to find, although it is pretty obvious when you eventually see it.
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  • BikinGlynn's Avatar
    26th May 20, 20:08
    Yes yes I know I shouldnt be out exploring but as as seasoned explorer & NEBOSH trained H & S guy I risk assessed this & thought yeah Im more likely to get injured in my half renovated house at home. So as some of u will know I like birds & wildlife photography & I did a highly recommended falconry day at Holdenby Hall some years ago & vaguely remember this place. but then completely forgot about it! Another long distance isolation walk led me right by this so would of been rude not to. ...
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  • B W T's Avatar
    25th May 20, 18:47
    Maison 3 Suisses #01 Late For Dinner After time had been standing still here for 30 years, we were the first who enter this forgotten house in a while. This narrow building located in rural Belgium was home to a former banker who vanished into the night. As it seems, he was doing some shady business. He needed to run and left behind everything. Since then, the abandoned house is preserved as a time capsule from a different era. Join us on today's exploration while we search for clues to find...
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  • UrbandonedTeam's Avatar
    22nd May 20, 18:10
    Bon Accord Baths Bon Accord Baths was constructed to provide a centrally located public baths in Aberdeen, as previously the public bathed at baths overlooking Aberdeen beach. Although the foundation stone was laid in 1936 the building was not completed until August 1940 and cost £37,000. The swimming pool is 120 feet long x 42 feet wide with the water varying in depth from 3 to 15 feet. Flanking the pool is raked seating for 1000 spectators to view the many galas that were held at...
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  • urbexdevil's Avatar
    25th May 20, 15:01
    While in the area at another location, it made sense to check out Benenden Hospital out before embarking on the long journey home. Another site that had been high on the list for quite some time. Although the site still stands, it has long been stripped out and notices around the perimeter fencing suggest it was due for demolition pending planning permission back in late 2019 which was later denied and subsequently still stands. Unfortunately most buildings were locked shut, and with the...
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  • Jenal Urbex's Avatar
    31st May 20, 22:37
    Couldn't find much history on this place, however this fire sustained severe fire damage during an arson attack that occured at the site in July 2017 resulting in most of the building being an open ruin. We guessed that the building was last used in 1990s/2000s. During our explore we encountered that the site that the building occupies we discover that the building was extremely vegetated. The former driveway that used to lead to this once luxury had been taken over by plants, nettles,...
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  • BikinGlynn's Avatar
    3rd Jun 20, 21:06
    Actor Trevor Howard is best known for his role in Brief Encounters & while I wont pretend he was a name I was particularly familiar with he has appeared in an unbelievable 90+ films. Trevor & actress Halen Chery were Wed in 1944 & brought this place in 1950. They were according to the sales blurb "known for their flamboyant parties" which may explain the rack of whips & tickling sticks we found in the corner of the room! Trevor died in 1988 & Helen (who appeared in nearly 30 films...
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  • BikinGlynn's Avatar
    22nd May 20, 11:52
    It was a week ago I edited pic but this is me just getting round to posting as life is a little crazy at the mo! We stopped in here an a whistle stop tour early this year without any idea what it actually was. After negotiating the Krypton factor style access we were inside ... & still didnt have a clue what it was. So what do u do? ask someone who will know & a quick message to @urbanchemist & all was revealed.
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  • urbexdevil's Avatar
    25th May 20, 14:58
    I had an urge to get something I haven’t done ticked off the list and this time was an abandoned train. Through all the years of exploring, this is the first train explore for me. Exploring again with CapturePhotography and setting off at a reasonable mid morning time with a pleasant 24c heat behind us, we made our way to Kent in search of the trains. For the first time in years we bumped into a few other explorers too which made for a nice change and a convenient hint on access. The...
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  • ocelot397's Avatar
    17th May 20, 18:20
    Ty-Bach Farm, November 2019 Missed uploading this one at the time. An old farmstead in a beautiful location, it's been abandoned for a considerable period I'd say. 1. 2.
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  • ocelot397's Avatar
    17th May 20, 17:54
    Bramble Mill, May 2020 Another social distance explore from me! There's been a mill (I think corn) here for a long time according to old maps, but this is just the remnant of a larger complex that has been demolished. As it was the only bit left I was hoping for machinery galore, alas I was torn to shreds by brambles for not much at all and a complete death trap... 1. 2.
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  • jhluxton's Avatar
    30th May 20, 12:38
    I have paid a couple of visits to Snailbeach during May to photograph the remains of the Snailbeach District Railways, once part of the Colonel Stephen's railway empire. The final section closed in 1959 but had relied on a road tractor hauling trains on the remaining section for around a decade due to lack of funds! For anyone wanting to explore this line a copy of Snailbeach District Railways by Twelveheads Press (2017) must be considered the definitive history of the railway and...
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  • Lochlan McIver P's Avatar
    5th Jun 20, 00:37
    I was out on a cycle with my mate ethan and we came across this old Farm House Thing? From what we know, it was operational till around 2018-2019 as it was set on fire and the family had to escape quickly. It was really cool walking around the place but sad knowing that we were walking in some poor peoples house. We were saying that we couldn't believe that it was actually still standing as our council loves flattening history and putting horrible council houses in it. These are Some Of The...
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  • Pezza1995's Avatar
    5th Jun 20, 21:44
    THE MARMITE COTTAGE SUFFOLK -Correct me if wrong- The previous owner of this cottage was arrested and had a restraining order out against him for harassing his neighbours, so he can not go back to this property at all! He did go to prison, done his time and moved to a different location, apparently he done the same and back inside (who knows!) Here’s so photos of my explore. My first post so, be nice! one of the two cars
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  • UrbandonedTeam's Avatar
    5th Jun 20, 17:00
    Woolmanhill Hospital Woolmanhill Hospital was the original Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, before this moved to the Foresterhill site. The original hospital building on the site was begun in 1740. Designed by William Christall, it opened in 1749. The Royal Infirmary, was rebuilt between 1833 and 1840, in the Grecian style, at the cost of £17,000. The Simpson Pavilion (1833−40), designed by Aberdeen architect, Archibald Simpson is one of the last surviving examples of a pre-Nightingale...
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