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  • Tbolt's Avatar
    12th Aug 19, 16:45
    Thanks must go to Pretty vacent for the heads up on this one and it was much appreciated as I hadn't been on an explore in a while. There was however a was one of those dressy up type explores but as it happens they are my favourite. So Mr Blacksnake and myself dressed as extras from the village people in Hiviz and hard hats and off we popped for a jolly good afternoons playing out. HISTORY shamelessly stolen off tinternet Crewe Pool opened in November 1937 when...
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  • KPUrban_'s Avatar
    2nd Aug 19, 11:05
    Castle Morgue The Grade 2 listed structure which is built to the design of a castle houses the mortuary for the former St Bartholomew's Hospital. The hospital itself dates back to 1078 and has over 900 years of history, after closing in 2016 following another relocation. Like most mortuary's there is very little history to be found as most people focus more on the hospitals than the morgues individually. The hospital this morgue is situated along with was opened in 1863 close to the...
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  • McLeod's Avatar
    18th Aug 19, 19:20
    Hi there. My brother took be for a look round this large explosives factory near me that covers many square miles. We only covered some of the buildings on the grounds. I hope to return during the week with the dog to take it for a walk round the place. My brother told me not to name the place in order to protect it from vandals. Here are some of the pictures -
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  • mookster's Avatar
    13th Aug 19, 18:01
    Thought I'd put this one up as it's kind of out there now, and no longer doable to the best of my current knowledge. The house would appear to be early 20th Century built in a mock tudor style, it's a strange place as it looks as if it was kind of half cleared out after the last resident passed away but then was left with a load of stuff still in it. The family who lived here were heavily into world travel, they did annual rallies to Africa and owned at least one large yacht, as well as an...
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  • mookster's Avatar
    1st Aug 19, 15:54
    This really has been the year of car graveyards for me. By my count this is the 18th one so far! It's also the one I have had to work the hardest to get the shots from, winter time is usually a much better season to do these sort of places but alas somewhere like this full of dead trees would hardly be any better then! It is crazily overgrown in places, to get to the furthest away vehicle which I could only just make out through the horizontal trees required a crazy Indiana Jones/Tomb...
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  • abiexplores's Avatar
    1st Aug 19, 13:43
    I've been exploring for a few months now and this is my first report so all feedback is greatly appreciated. This building caught our eye on the way to another location, so we thought we would take a look. We were at first slightly puzzled as to what this building could've been used for, due to there being stairs leading up from the outside and kitchens and bathrooms on both floors. I've since done some research and found that it was known as Upwood Hill House. The Ministry of Defence used...
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  • HughieD's Avatar
    25th Jul 19, 00:20
    1. The History Volcrepe Ltd was a large former rubber producing factory in Glossop, Derbyshire. Formed in 1931 and based in the 200-years old Woods Mill, it began manufacturing rubber soles for footwear. Later on, it began producing specialist equipment to the Ministry of Defence including gas masks for horses and the Home Guard as well as radio equipment as part of the war effort between 1939-1945. In the 1950s the company was still producing footwear soling, but with the market becoming more...
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  • mockney reject's Avatar
    12th Aug 19, 13:32
    The History Formerly known as RAF Headley Court, The Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre Headley Court, (DMRC Headley Court) is an 85-acre United Kingdom Ministry of Defence facility in Headley, near Epsom, Surrey, England. It was used as a rehabilitation centre for injured members of the British Armed Forces between 1985 and 2018. Headley Court was an Elizabethan farm house bought by the Cunliffe family, from Tyrrell's Wood, Leatherhead. They later sold this farm house and built in...
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  • B W T's Avatar
    3rd Aug 19, 07:32
    Little Noisy #01 Fallen Disney Castle by Broken Window Theory, on Flickr Europe’s restricted zones are our favorite holiday destinations. As dark tourists, this time the thrill of the forbidden was taking us to off-limit parts in and around Hungary. On a five-day road trip, we camped at secluded areas at night to bring undisclosed locations to light at sunrise. From vehicle graveyards as we have never seen them before to historical power plants protected by security, we have infiltrated some...
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  • BikinGlynn's Avatar
    26th Jul 19, 21:53
    BikinGlynn started a thread Tew Manor in Residential Sites
    Unusually for my busy lifestyle Iv had an excellent month of exploring & have a backlog to get through so Ill start with this! Tew Manor is essentially an empty manor house which dosent sound exciting, but my goodness it did it for me! There are 2 (well 3) main features, the stairs, the great hall & an all to brief encounter to an archive room that we nearly missed. Bit of history nicked from wiki here:- Great Tew was settled in the Anglo-Saxon era. Ælfric of Abingdon held the manor of...
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  • B W T's Avatar
    4th Aug 19, 15:47
    Under The Dome #01 Classicist In May 2019 we were starting an urbex road trip from Germany to Hungary. After a few hours of driving we came closer to the border and spotted this. Located in Austria, this impressive country chateau has a history that dates back to the Middle Ages. Back then, there was a fortress located here which was supposed to be a shield against Magyars. Since the complex was fortified and armed really well, it could last for centuries. After several changes of owners, a...
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  • khurbanx's Avatar
    5th Aug 19, 21:16
    The explore : This was the last explore of the day and to be honest, did not think we get into this one - I know about this place since 2017 and turned up going a number of times, We only spent about 40 mins in this location and only explored about 70% of it due to being stripped and running out of time History:
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  • marly_explores's Avatar
    11th Aug 19, 13:36
    This is my first post so hope I follow all the rules. Came across this little set of derelict sites on a walk. I can't seem to find out exactly what they were, but it looks like a bungalow or two, garages and a greenhouse... correct me if i'm wrong Sorry the photos aren't very professional :)
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  • FFerret's Avatar
    6th Aug 19, 17:30
    Hi Firstly Admin apologies if this is posted in the wrong place(if so would you plese be kind enough to put it where it should be). OK to business, I need recommendations for a new DSLR camera suitable for taking photos underground (I normally light paint), also good for taking photos of fast jets, and general surface exploring. I have a budget of £1000 for the body and kit lens possibly £1100 for an ace.(I do expect to have to buy a decent zoom seperate). I currently use a...
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  • UrbandonedTeam's Avatar
    26th Jul 19, 16:01
    This has been a location I've wanted to visit for the longest time, so when we eventually planned a short Ireland trip this Summer, it wasn't a question whether we'd go here or not. St Brigid's Hospital
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  • HughieD's Avatar
    25th Jul 19, 00:24
    1. The History Bennetston Hall was built in the late nineteenth Century by local doctor and property speculator Robert Ottiwell Gifford Bennett MD (1834 – 1902). Occupying a dramatic hillside location with a commanding view of the Derbyshire High Peaks, it is set in 10 acres of land including an impressive 2-acre trout lake. It comprises of a substantial country mansion and coach house constructed from coursed gritstone walls with gritstone detailing and has a number of significant and design...
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  • Skycloud2025's Avatar
    9th Aug 19, 13:56
    Hi Guys! We recently walked & explored the long disused trackbed between Barrow Hill & Seymour Junction in Derbyshire, via Foxlow & Hall Lane Junctions. Most track was lifted or stolen half a dozen years back, however a fair few relics still remain including track, signalling and an odd little Pill Box. Below is a video we made of the explore, and a few images to accompany. Cheers
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  • ocelot397's Avatar
    24th Jul 19, 18:03
    Hey All, Another abandoned farm from me. Not much history, my Taid remembers it being lived in and it was vacated around 1975. I took 100's of photos of this place, there's many outbuildings etc. but I struggled to compress them all down. So this is just a flavour of it and still far too many photos! 1.
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  • possessed's Avatar
    6th Aug 19, 19:57
    Hi everyone, been a long time absent. I've been exploring a couple of times but I've not as of yet got round to doing anything really worth making a report of. A few weeks back, me and a friend went to explore out in Derbyshire. History: In short, the quarry closed in 2010 and was previously owned by Bardon Aggregates. There's talk of turning it into a water park :confused:...
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  • KJurbex's Avatar
    4th Aug 19, 19:49
    First report, but I've got quite a few that I need to catch up on so any advice/feedback will be gratefully received. History Quite hard to find too much about this place so anything else anyone can find please comment. From what I can tell the complex was used to transfer the district's waste from dustcarts to larger vehicles which then took it to a landfill site in Small Dole.The council then built another site somewhere nearby and left this site to ruin. It closed for good on December...
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  • TopAbandoned's Avatar
    30th Jul 19, 20:01
    VICTORIA THEATRE, SALFORD History The Victoria Theatre, Salford, is a theatre in the Lower Broughton area of Salford, Greater Manchester, England. It is situated on Great Clowes Street, on the corner of the Elton Street. The theatre officially opened 10 December 1900 and was last in use as a bingo hall in 2008. The original capacity was 2,000 seated, this was increased to 3,000 in 1910. Palatial Leisure Limited sold the building in September 2018. The Victoria Theatre, designed by...
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  • mockney reject's Avatar
    6th Aug 19, 09:21
    The History The construction of a Tuberculosis sanatorium on the outskirts of Milam was proposed as early as 1911, as a forerunner in Italy’s anti-tubercular struggle. Eventually opening in 1924 the sanatorium completely fulfilled the requirements of TB patients. In 1929 more accommodation was needed and further pavilions were built, the first had accommodation for 800 women. In 1930 further buildings were built which could accommodate 1000 children. Situated in an area covered by...
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  • HughieD's Avatar
    25th Jul 19, 00:18
    1. The History Very little info about this magical place on the web. It was apparently constructed as a private pool as part of a Country Club that operated in the late 20's early 30's. In the late 30s it became open to members who paid a fee to join. The pool was fed by a mountain stream and even in mid-Summer the water was very cold. Recollections recall it being open to the public in the 1940s/50s and costing a “shilling for children and half-a-crown for adults”. Apparently, the storms of...
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  • Skycloud2025's Avatar
    24th Jul 19, 17:21
    Hi everyone, this is my first time posting, so new to all this. Recently We took a trip & a good light to the 501 Yard long Spinkhill Tunnel in Derbyshire. The 501 yards long tunnel was opened by the Lancashire, Derbyshire and East Coast Railway (later part of the Great Central Railway and subsequently the LNER ) on 21 September 1898. It was the only tunnel on the Beighton Branch (occasionally referred to as the "Sheffield Branch") which ran north westwards from Langwith Junction to Beighton...
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  • JB-URBX's Avatar
    20th Aug 19, 13:00
    Hi all, I've been lurking on here on and off for almost a year and I've finally started to get out and about and do some explores. A recent long weekend away in Norfolk found me near this old church ruin. St John the Baptist possibly dates back to the 11th century. Upon the opening of a new church 'Christ Church' in Fulmodeston in 1882 it was abandoned. In March 1959 it became a grade II listed building. St John the Baptist, Fulmodeston, Aug 2019 by Jacob Bilson, on Flickr St John...
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  • B W T's Avatar
    6th Aug 19, 20:43
    Marble Gallery #16 Showing In a town somewhere in Hungary with historical and cultural value we discovered one of the most beautiful ballrooms of the whole country. As one of the few cinemas in the region, this used to be the center of attraction for art lovers and the youth. The last screening, however, was already ten years ago and since then the stately theater has been rotting away at a rapid pace. Lately, it has become an insider’s tip of the local urbex community. We were one of the...
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  • mookster's Avatar
    5th Aug 19, 16:10
    Ahhh RAF Upwood, the perenially trashed, empty, easy explore. It had been four years since my first and up to this point only visit, back when the tanks were still there as well as the ladder in the water tower, and I decided it was time for a revisit with a couple of noobies and a friend who hadn't been before. This time I managed to get around pretty much everything although I baulked at the way up the tower, having been up there once before when it was easy I decided it wasn't necessary...
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  • urbexdevil's Avatar
    4th Aug 19, 15:50
    There’s a first time for everything and this comes in the form of a permission visit to the disused Jubilee line platforms at Charing Cross with Hidden London. With the typical line closures and route changes associated with any rail network in the UK, we finally made our way to Charing Cross station and quickly found our meeting point. Our tour consisted of the Jubilee line platforms themselves, the escalators seen so many times in films such as Skyfall, the service tunnels leading under...
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  • KPUrban_'s Avatar
    17th Aug 19, 20:48
    The Building Dating back to 1899 this now decommissioned hospital started off as a rather imposing mansion and owned by the chairman of the bank of England, at the time. During the Second world war the building became the HQ of the VII corps then later the Canadian corps. Following the war it the became used as a rehabilitation facility mainly for the RoyalAirForce and joint services after being purchased using the RAF Pilots and Crews funding. The site lost its social club focus and moved...
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  • wappy's Avatar
    18th Aug 19, 19:44
    The first rail traffic used the tunnel in 1885. Drewton Tunnel is one of the longest disused tunnels in the United Kingdom at a length of 1 mile 354 yards (1.933 km),and lies to the east of the shorter Sugar Loaf Tunnel and Weedley Tunnel. The western portal of Drewton Tunnel is almost entirely buried with landfill and is situated in a chalk quarry operated by Stoneledge. This end of the tunnel has considerable deposits of mud on the former trackbed washed in by rainfall as a result of...
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