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Thread: St John's Asylum, Lincoln - March 2010

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    Default St John's Asylum, Lincoln - March 2010

    After a less than successful day in Lincolnshire, myself and a couple on non-members decided to pay a visit to the former Lincolnshire District Lunatic Asylum. On the urbex 1-5 scale of difficultly it rates as a 0 so it was nice to take a relaxed wander. Those of you familiar with asylums will know they consist of long corridors, small rooms that may have been cells, a big hall with a stage and a chapel. This one didn’t disappoint but still had some interesting features worth viewing.

    The exterior is good condition having been restored as the site was in the process of being converted into heritage village. However the money appears to of ran out and work has been halted for now.

    The main entrance with the familiar water tower behind.

    Once you pass through the main entrance you get to what is probably one of the most impressive features, the original main staircase.

    One of the long corridors, with the patients rooms, (cells if you like), on them. The majority of these rooms were later converted to storage (you can tell by looking at the types of doors on them).

    Room with a view. Throughout the building there are egg-crate ceilings, good sound insulation (EDIT; for fire protection as mentioned below).

    Blue, the entrance to one of shower rooms / toilet blocks.

    Another long corridor adjacent to the main hall. This one used to have a glazed ceiling and the coat of arms were a nice little feature.

    The main hall and stage. Sadly most of the stage has collapsed.

    And finally a view of one of the inner courtyards.

    I would liked to have climbed the water tower however there was a queue, (really, I’m not joking!), and so decided that enough was enough for the day and headed home.
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    All good stuff here The Rev :)

    Fabby Corridor ceilings -believe that these are made of Terracotta, and were mainly for fire protection -only seen these at one other place -that being Warley Hospital (The First Essex County Asylum).

    Thanks for posting these.
    Lb :jimlad:

    Think we're gonna need a bigger boat

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    Very nice Mr Rev. Im a planning a trip here in the summer, looks nice for a wander :)

    It's all over.

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