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Thread: St Joseph’s Orphanage, Preston – August 2010

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    Default St Joseph’s Orphanage, Preston – August 2010

    After seeing some great reports recently from this place it was only right to go and have a look, With OneByOne in tow we got away fairly luckily with the huge amount of razor wire surrounding this place with a slight loss of blood from my finger. After seeing the pictures of the German built theatre lighting and the blue ceiling chapel these were at the top of the list of things to see.

    Much of this place has been wrecked by the locals with FTW Leafs drawn everywhere along with a large amount of awful tags, Although in many of the rooms baths, sinks and toilets remain intact.


    ‘The site is split into two half’s with the older Orphanage to one side and the more modern but trashed ‘Mount Street Nursing Home’ in its sorry state on the other.

    St Joseph’s was built in 1872 from funds given by Mrs Maria Holland for the benefit of the sick poor.
    Initially founded as an orphanage for girls, run by nuns, to shelter them from the harsh realities of the Victorian Era; disease, abuse and homelessness were common and this home provided a safe haven.

    Over the years, the property increased in size and in the mid 1950's the hospital became completely and independently run by nuns, again for sick people. This continued for more than 30 years but was gradually run down and closed in the mid 80's.

    On the Theatre street side two wings of the old hospital were converted and refurbished to form 'Mount Street Nursing Home'. The older side has remained in suspense since the 80's’

    A quick fix with a camera cleaning cloth & DVS Shoelace.

    Thanks for looking, Gone...

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    Nice report dude, and good pics. Shame about the injury!
    Intrepid Insplorer - Boldly going where people have been before.

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