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    A compact arrow (echelon) Asylum designed by Sir Arthur Blomfield with later villa additions (c.1933). The main building is approached by two drives surrounded by sports field (popular with footballers and dogwalkers). The western (male) ward blocks are still in NHS outpatient use as is the hall and some modern units to the south. The former female wards to the east are protected by security fencing and barbed wire and appear secure and intact. To the north, the water tower is located alongside the laundry and admin block, the latter is now the site security base. Opposite admin is the detached chapel, also secure and in good condition. West of the chapel are the nurses home and former admission villa which are both in NHS use. To the east of the chapel (NE of the site) is the old isolation block which is very derelict and covered with ivy to the rear but secure. The farmyard stands further east and is protected by a pair of heavy metal gates at its entrance. The farm house pre-dates the asylum and was once the home of Anna Sewell, author of Black Beauty - it is also very derelict although secure. Other outlying buildings include the superintendent's house, gardener's cottage and a lodge which are all disused. A pair of villas SE of the main complex are currently being demolished with a new road system being installed in preparation of redevelopment.

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    I went to the Auction when they were closing this hospital down,they even let some of the patients bid on stuff (under supervision) and they were only allowed to bid on two items in total.The auction was held in the main hall which had a big stage and was very grand.
    The Main water tower and ward blocks were suffering from severe blowing of the brickwork,a soft red type of bick which absorbs water and then cracks in the winter to leve the mortar showing only.
    This was about 3 years ago and i have not been back to the site since.:p
    Any updates on the site would be interesting,especially the fate of the old Farm.

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