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    Default St. John's Hospital, Bracebridge Heath

    One of the earlier asylum closures and mostly derelict ever since. POor planning control led to the grounds being developed around the asylum, leaving it unconverted. The south front was originally the main frontage with superintendent's apartments above commitee rooms and offices. Part of this block suffered floors falling due to water damage made worse by an arson attack in spring 2005. Behind is recreation hall, currently intact followed by the main kitchen which is a gutted shell. The attendants block and nurses block on either side are each in use for builders storage and childrens day nursery. The main stores have been demolished and the newer administration/clerical block is now an office for a firm of Will Makers. East and West of this block are female and male wards respectively, layed out on a corridor plan. A large modern concrete water tower is located to the east end of the hall and the top is accessed by open ladders. Poor security measures such as chain link fencing and ad-hoc fence panels combined with flimsy boarding have led to a lot of vandalism, resulting in internal partitioning which has since been destroyed. The main features of the site are the water tower, ventilation turrets, double staircase in the south front block and the unusual fire retardant ceilings in the wards.
    Other buildings on the site (Nurses Home, Lodge, Superintendent's House, Laundry and Chapel) are being or have been converted already and engulfed by the surrounding housing.

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    Default Bracebridge Heath

    My first Urbex mission today and I chose Bracebridge Heath for 3 reasons:
    1 I was born in Lincoln
    2 My Aunt worked here in the Laundry for years
    3 My main Urbex interest is asylums

    I went with a fellow Newbie sneeker.
    we walked around the fence and saw some local kids coming out, so we hung around and watched where they came out. Then we had a quick chat with them and used the entrance they had found/made.

    I had researched this trip via the forums and was quite shaken by how much it had degraded in a short space of time - a lot of the floors are collapsing and there is water pouring in all over the place - so this is what this country does with it's listed buildings!!

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