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    The fist hospital here was the Duchess of Connaught Red Cross Hospital which was built by the Canadian Red Cross in 1914 on land donated by the Astors of Cliveden, the buildings were dismantled, but in the second world War, the Canadians built a larger hospital on the same site in a typically austere wartime style, and named it the Canadian Red Cross Memorial Hospital (CRCMH, CRXMH or CRX), after the war, the Hospital was given to the newly founded NHS, and served as a specialist children's and maternity hospital.
    Closed in 1985-6, it has since been devastated by fire and vandalism, and is apparently now being demolished.

    NT Redevelopment website:


    Update - now completely demolished

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    One of the lasting legacies of the CRCMH will be its mythology. Backed up by the superb "The Shrine", I can feel a sense of sadness loosing the Buxton chair, the dead files, the black labs and "The Flincher" :(

    And "The Shrine" itself was a great site. Not really an urban exploration site, it still got completely under the skin of exploring and documenting a derelict building. Alongside "The One" and "The Milk Crate Gang", it was compulsive reading for the seminal urban exploration scene in the UK.

    Of course, if you put a site on the Internet, people will want to go. And, they visited the CRCMH in droves. I think it was definitely the first case of a location being overwhelmed by the curious, the explorers, the vandals, the arsonists, the wannabe devil worshipers, the ghost hunters, the grafitti artists and the piss artists.

    So overwhelmed that the National Trust simply gave up and pulled it down.

    So I'll raise a glass for Pwurg, Mist Raiders and the utter silliness surrounding the CRCMH. Cheers for the laughs.

    But that said, the CRCMH itself was a utter dump.

    All the best,

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    A few weeks before its demolition, I managed to do some photography there.
    Pity its gone, as it was quite local, I found it a great plase to shoot in.

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