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Thread: St'Helier Hospital NHS

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    Does anyone know of this hospital it is my local and i was born there, it is due for closure in 2008 because it has a bad reputation and is not clean old and rubbish, but has extensive tunnels and huge hospital space, it should be amazing when it is closed. shame because it is some what of a land mark as it can be seen for miles around even from epsom! being only a mile from me and i know the director of the hospital i will keep you posted about whats going on. it has a few qwerks about it such as it was built back to front the front of the hospital faces away from the road and it was all painted black during the was as it was too big and white.

    Keep you posted as things devlop.


    Check the picture,

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    it is a vey brutal building. as far as i know it will be closed when they sort out the new sutton/epsom super hospital (west park recently discounted as a potential site). i've been told some parts are already empty but haven't been in a while.


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