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Thread: st cleveland st hospital [Permission visit], london - 2012

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    Default st cleveland st hospital [Permission visit], london - 2012

    The second site i ever explored in London after meeting the first splorer i ever met on the same night :), ive never seen another report done on this place.
    st cleveland was a work house for the sick and poor in the 1700's, turned into a nhs hospital until 2005, the building lays derelict, how ever 5% or so is converted for a handful of people to live there :

    when Camelot Property Management was brought in to manage the vacant building. The company filled several wings of the building with residents who pay a basic rent in return for making sure it is not vandalised. Vero says that most of the 40 or so residents are young people who are prepared to put up with the basic living conditions and state of disrepair and the oddity of living among the detritus of a hospital in return for a low rent in central London.
    more info :

    Someone who was living there at the time was kind enough to take me back for a cuppa after we hit a site earlier that night and asked if i wanted a look around, naturally i agreed. i met some lovely people in there and i really hope they get to stay in there, what a place to live !

    This was the first photos i had taken on a dslr and had only had it about a week so apologies for the poor quality, anyway onto the photos !

    in the ear testing room, we all thought it was a padded cell d=

    Full set -

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    Wow! Excellent effort of securing a permission visit! Great photos, look forward to many more from ya! :)
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    Good on you getting a permission visit it was worth it,thanks for sharing.

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