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Thread: Leybourne Grange Update!!

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    Default Leybourne Grange Update!!

    New photos, and found the bar there, i think it was a Lesiure Building, it had squash courts there, and may have been a pool table there, and also some other things there:)

    Old chair

    Some abandoned caravans, we found near there on the way to grange

    Squash Court Door

    The Squash Court, coudnt get all of it in the photo, its quite big and overgrown lol.

    Stairs leading up to a weird room

    The weird room, becuae of the two random doors sitting there

    A bit of the bar there

    Bar corridor and a nice light lol

    hope you enjoy the photos:)

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    Default Re: Leybourne Grange Update!!

    Enjoyed your photos, mc. Some nice finds there.
    Love that one of the Squash Court. Those ferns are amazing (you'd probably have to pay a bit for ferns like that if you got them from a garden centre! ). I know what you mean about the weird room. Isn't it funny, but sometimes you can look at a place and get the feeling that it's wrong, somehow.

    Foxy :)
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    Great pic's mate, love the squash cort and the ferns are great good stuff:)
    Aversos Compono Animos

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