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Thread: The Royal Hospital Haslar – The morgue, the cell, the officer’s mess & the tower - Go

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    Default The Royal Hospital Haslar – The morgue, the cell, the officer’s mess & the tower - Go

    Well I’ve been holding this one back for a while….

    Everybody knows the history of Haslar, Nelson’s Hospital or Serenity, whatever you would like to call it, So I’ll leave that bit alone and tell you about my explore.

    I was first made aware of “Serenity hospital” by stumbling onto Mr Mayhems You Tube video. I couldn’t believe such a complete place still existed.

    For those who haven’t seen the vid check it out :-

    It’s also in my opinion worth watching the Time Team program about it on You Tube

    I was excited by the crosslink and the roof. I did more and more research and eventually found out this mythical place, one might call it a unicorn, was actually The Royal Hospital Haslar.

    So early one morning a group of us drove the three hour journey to Gosport and got busy, we made the main hospital, snapped a few pics and got busted within a few hours. Damn. Secca was cool, he told us a few stories about the place and politely kicked us out :D

    On the way back we planned to go again, but only after a lot more research.
    Using the above video and various other reports, maps etc we had a rough idea of where we where going inside and what we wanted to find. We drove down the night before and crashed in a cheap hotel, getting up at 5am to hit Haslar, However, nothing could prepare us for the day we had.

    I won’t go into details about what happened on that freezing cold day in December, but we where lucky real, real lucky. We spent 11 hours on site, most of it sat watching, waiting and planning. If you believe in the afterlife, someone was watching over us, me I just think we where lucky………………..

    Please enjoy my pictures

    The Morgue – Stunning and pretty much perfect, done in utter darkness so please excuse the sketchy pics

    Next we found “The Cell” a place much talked about and often argued about, the feeling of utter calm when sat in there with the door shut was amazing….

    Next we stumbled onto the officer’s mess, a very grand and spectacular building

    And finally the highlight for me….. The water tower!!!

    I’d heard how it was inaccessible due to it closeness to the gate, we where lucky, real lucky, it took ages to find the right time

    Needless to say I have been back twice since and these places are tighter than a nuns chuff, I doubt I will ever get to see these places again, but I’m glad we did

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    Damn, I've never seen the inside of the water tower before! I think you're probably one of a handful of people that have done it. Some big mouth plonker got the morgue sealed and the usual mob got the padded cell shut by trying to nick something I think. It's all on the downhill now as redevelopment has started. Nice report, brah :D
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    Pics 'n' Ting

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    I enjoyed that MR, Nicely Done, Thanks

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    Id say thats a slightly different take on Haslar . Good work ;)

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