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Thread: Rauceby Asylum - Rauceby - August 2015

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    Default Rauceby Asylum - Rauceby - August 2015

    The history

    Kesteven County Asylum later known as Rauceby Asylum now-defunct mental institution in the parish of Quarrington, Lincolnshire, England. Built between 1897 and 1902. After changing hands and names several times the main hospital building was eventually closed in 1998 and abandoned for several years. David Wilson Homes began redevelopment work on the site in 2004. Following public consultation, the site and its surroundings (including Rauceby railway station) was officially renamed as Greylees.

    The hospital buildings included a chapel (now deconsecrated), two graveyards, a mortuary and various tunnels connecting wards (under the corridors).

    In 1940 the building was taken over by the Royal Air Force, renamed as No.4 RAF Hospital Rauceby it became a crash and burns unit under the control of nearby RAF Cranwell.

    The wartime Burns Unit was situated in Orchard House, built alongside the hospital orchard - one of the last remaining parts of Rauceby Asylum to remain in NHS use as offices for the former Lincolnshire South West PCT following the Mental Health Hospital's closure in 1998.

    An isolation hospital, built on the western edge of the site was never used as such; instead it housed those residents working on the farm and now functions as a 12-bedded in-patient unit for age 12–18 years within the child and adolescent mental health services under the control of the Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

    The main hall burnt down in 1947 marking the end of RAF control, the NHS took over the site the following year renaming it to Rauceby Hospital and returning patients that had previously been displaced.

    The South Lincolnshire Community & Mental Health Services NHS Trust closed the main hospital building in 1997, whilst retaining Orchard House as the Trust's headquarters and Ash Villa on Willoughby Road as a Special School.

    The Explore

    This was a bit of an afterthought after @slayaaaa and myself has visited Bass Maltings nearby and got told about this by some local kids.

    We negotiated the fence and made our way in. First we found the admin building which although stunning outside was trashed on the inside.

    We then made our way around the site and found the chapel. Wow totally stunning and in the process of being converted to what we could only assume would be a house. There was evidence of under floor heating being fitted and a false floor at one end. We were a little shocked at the brick “pillar” at one end that looked like it couldn’t even hold its own weight !!

    After clambering out of the chapel we had a walk around what was left of the site and snapped a few pics. It’s a shame to see what was once such a pretty place in a state like this.

    Enjoy the pics as always

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    Good had a better day than when I popped in here!

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    It will be interesting to see the finished project.Great shots.

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    Nice one, you've captured what's lewft really well! :)
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