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Thread: Royal Infirmay Hospital, Revisit, Sep 2018

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    Default Royal Infirmay Hospital, Revisit, Sep 2018

    Previously I had explored this hospital with two Non-Members and ExplorerX. After returning home I was quick to discover we had missed three operating rooms and a few wards, ExplorerX had also got no usable footage or photos from the first visit. Yet again we booked more train tickets and awaited for the weekend to come.
    The report for the first venture is in the "Non-Public" forum of this website.

    The North Staffordshire Royal Infirmary

    The Explore
    After 4 hours of travel we stepped off the train and yet again walked to the site. Upon entering we notice the Low Oxygen alarm has been set off again, which was silenced previously. Moving through the hospital we noticed that obstacles we moved previously, such as chairs and signs put through door handles, had been placed back. Unlike the previous explore we only visited rooms we actually wanted to see or previously missed.
    Considering the abandonment of this hospital has been for over 6 years it's amazing that, although unfortunate, the first parts of vandalism are starting to happen. Power is active in some theaters and most hallways. Although this is down to a very active security force...

    The Video
    This video is a partial edit of the finished one.

    Whilst bored on the google. I came across a page which referenced surgical lighting. The page noted how old theaters use large windows and mirrors, this can be seen in the two older rooms we first entered. The type of light in each theater also corresponds to different surgeries and are precisely engineered to the exact specifications. The large dish or satellite design are often for common surgery types. Anyway thought i'd stick that in as it would add more interest to some of the rooms.

    The Photos
    As some photos came out being absolutely ...... I will use the ones from the last explore to cover for them.

    And now in some sort of order...

    _DSC0557 by KPUrbex
    Upon entering we had been deafened by the alarm, which in this photo, was right next to me.

    MainTheatre_Unedited by KPUrbex
    Standby_Operation_Room by KPUrbex
    Instantly we began to find the many operating theaters. The pipes dangling would have delivered gasses and air to the surgery to aid the surgeons, the lights would have guided surgeons in the operations.

    One of these still has the power active and you can't help taking a selfie.
    Examined by KPUrbex
    And even without sticking my self under, two heavy lights with over 240Volts surging through, they're it's still impressive.
    _DSC0549Unedited by KPUrbex

    In this area there are two other theaters but as we had already seen them we didn't bother photographing them this time around.
    Number_2_and_No_1 by KPUrbex
    Abandoned_Hospital_OP_SterileEnvironment by KPUrbex

    By now we kept hearing a extremely load banging from the hallway. Soon we discovered this was a crow failing to realize it can't fly through a skylight.

    We moved on down the hallways and into the chapel. Unfortunately the chairs had been removed a little while back.
    [/url]Lost Prayers by KPUrbex

    Continuing down the hallway...

    We found our selves in a ward we were unfamiliar to and had hardly been vandalized.

    By now the parts of the hospital we wandered through I had already seen.
    Eventually, in A&E, we came across the first of three operating rooms.

    The AnE Blues by KPUrbex

    Then we found ourselves in an new area.
    [/url]Into Theatre by KPUrbex

    As we walked down I mentioned to Explorer X "I think we found the other theaters" which proved to be correct when we could see two operating lights peering at us through a door way.
    Green And Blue by KPUrbex
    Emergency_Air_Valves by KPUrbex r

    These two theaters, with these satellite lights, would have been used for heart surgery.

    And only a minuet later we found the other one.
    Frightening Operations by KPUrbex

    Backing out of the hallway back to the main corridor we came across the recovery bed spaces.
    Recovery by KPUrbex

    Whilst approaching the other operating theater, which was in maternity ward, we head a slam of a door below. This became the ideal time to leave.

    DSC_0254 by explorer x

    And with that we had finished.
    Thank you for looking.
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  2. Thanks given by: ajarb, etc100, Hugh Jorgan, Ipcre55, krela, Mearing, Pincheck, RedX_unleashed, Rubex
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    Nice one like it, Have a similar picture inside of a operating theater. Can be frustrating when you find out certain pics didn't work out the way you thought, good one though.

  5. Thanks given by: KPUrban_
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pincheck View Post
    Nice one like it, Have a similar picture inside of a operating theater. Can be frustrating when you find out certain pics didn't work out the way you thought, good one though.
    Thanks for that. We did plan on having the lights on but vandals have damaged the electric panels.

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