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Thread: Bron-y-Garth hospital, Porthmadog- feb 19

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    Default Bron-y-Garth hospital, Porthmadog- feb 19

    Bron Y Garth Hosptial was based on the original Festinog Workhouse that opened around 1838. The victroian vagrants ward was added to the original buildings and included space for six working/living cells. The workers would sleep on a metal wire bed with no matress. The work cells were used for stone-breaking and had metal grids at the outside through which broken stone was passed when its pieces were of a small enough diameter. The hosptial closed around 2008 and has plans to be converted into a holiday home.

    Thanks for viewing this post, you may notice im a member of another urbex forum, So i'd thought i'd put my best from there on to here
    Thanks Shaun.

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    Very good, nice photos and a good history write-up.
    When the going gets tough - the tough get going.

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