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Thread: Hollywood Lodge Feb 2020

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    Default Hollywood Lodge Feb 2020

    This place is nothing special - But I was in area :)

    The explore :

    This one has some reason been on my *todo* list for a while now - On the way back from doing the last bits of the west park - we stopped off at Hollywood lodge - The building itself is F**k but makes some nice photos. Even know it was raining and wet.

    still made a nice little mooch around.

    History :

    The grand property, formerly known as Horton Lodge, was built in the early 1700s.

    Various residents lived there up until 1926 when it was purchased by Epsom Hospitals Authority to house mental health patients as an annex of West Park Hospital.

    Before it closed down in 2003, the site also housed elderly patients.

    An arson attack devastated Hollywood Lodge in 2005 destroying most of the eastern part of the interior, while firebugs also targeted the premise again in 2012.



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    This place is totally knackered. I cannot identify any of the rooms as what they were used for. And the two arson attacks just finished it.
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