Flasher, myself, Cat Bones and Ysirf visited Wolverhampton Eye Infirmary on a very wet day. It was an empty and interesting place and at least we were kept dry when inside. I quite enjoyed the peace of the empty hospital with the rain battering on the roof outside. :)

Entertaining moments included finding a bell that still worked, me getting shut in the things that held records for a prank and finding that springs can indeed sing like anything...especially when accidently bounced too hard in a silent building by curious explorers. :p Had a great day out! :D

The first corridor

A smoking room. Don't have those anymore. :)

Another round of name and explain that medical device. :p Really...I'd like to know if you know however boring the answer is.

Overhead thing to connect stuff up to.

Medical tubing.

The overhead hexagon.

What exactly IS medical air anyways?

As Ysirf pointed out, you can only wait here if you're patient. ;)

Say your prayers.

It's manky Santa! :D

It STILL made a sound!

Surely the fact that it's hot tells you that the water's at a high temperature.

It just sounds kind of wrong. :p

To see the whole lot, go here: http://i142.photobucket.com/albums/r...irmary%202008/