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Thread: Old Sewrage Pumping Station Arbroath

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    Just Back fro our holidays and found several interesting buildings and structures.
    At the back of the caravan site which were are on is an old sewerage pumping station control room.
    It has been there as long as I remember well since the 1950's anyway.
    As a child I used to try and sneak into the compound but the fence was well maintained and usually had water board workers there on the week days. The compund used to contain an efluent treatment tank with a water sprinkler, that has now been removed, some of the fencing that surrounded the pond is still lying in the underbrush.
    Across the railway line in another proud structure, this was the pump house and is immpenetrable, the main doors clad in steel screwed to the concrete.
    It was decommisioned a few years ago with the construction of a new larger facility nearby.
    Last year I discovered the fence was damaged and gained entry but had no idea about this website and any use for the pics I took.

    The long road up the hill.

    The main gate and the new hole in the fence.

    Main building

    Through the door, Electric panel

    The tiny toilet, minus fittings but was still used as a toilet:(

    The rear of the building.

    Garage for the van

    From the carage up to the small room,

    An old light fitting

    Old pipes and the ladder into the steeling tank is hiding

    Across the road and railway is this, the old pumps house

    The rest of this set are here

    Well thats about it for hope you enjoy this post as much as I did rooting around.:)
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