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Thread: Battersea Power Station

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    Default Battersea Power Station

    With recent re-surgence of interest in this location and the fact that it's hardly a little known place, I thought I'd add it to the locations here.

    We visited in December of 2004 and found it to be a very different experience than any other place we'd been, top notch security and more lights than Blackpool. I wrote a full visit account at the time that never made it onto sub-urban, I'll re-read it and post it here if it's suitable.

    UE relevant links:

    Siologen's visit pics

    UER database entry (Level 3 Members only)

    Sub-Urban Visit

    28 Days Later Visit Thread

    Informative Links:

    Battersea F.A.Q.s

    The Redevelopers

    Historical Images and text


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    Default Re: Battersea Power Station

    Kind of interesting:

    Demolition of Battersea Power Station chimneys will go ahead

    26 Oct 2005

    Demolition of the Battersea Power Station chimneys will go ahead, despite numerous objections, including objections from Battersea Power Station Community Group (BPSCG) and World Monuments Fund (WMF).

    Demolition and rebuilding of the iconic chimneys in South London will begin in next spring, after Wandsworth Council rejected proposals to refurbish the chimneys.

    Parkview International London plc, which is redeveloping the site, believes the existing ones are beyond repair. It hopes bidders will come up with a solution that allows each tower to be taken down in one piece.

    Parkview acquired the site in 1996. Approval was given in March 1997 to proposals for a leisure/entertainment complex in the Power Station, plus, on adjacent land, the development of business use floorspace, post-production film studios, hotels, theatres, residential units, "product showcase pavilions", a railway station, and 3,500 car parking spaces.

    WMF have criticised Parkview’s efforts to repair the chimneys as being inadequate, and written to the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister requesting the plans to demolish the chimneys be called for in a public inquiry.

    BPSCG produced a report by engineers that stated the chimneys could be refurbished and did not need to be demolished. Brian Barnes, chairman of BPSCG, said that the report, prepared by a team of experts, revealed the chimneys could be repaired for half the cost of demolition and rebuilding.

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    Found these photos while discussing the RSBH with the photographer:

    They offer some interesting shots of Battersea in the operational years before It became a shell.

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    Default Re: Battersea Power Station

    cool. thanks

    Image 6-7 what did the walkway lead to was there a 2nd building as of hight
    brings nothing new to the table. For now an armchair Explorer :o

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