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Thread: GKN Shadow Factory Tunnels Feb '12

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    Default GKN Shadow Factory Tunnels Feb '12

    Visited with Flubs - after planning on doing this again for 2 months nearly but various things kept pushing it back and back either his car was broken or the snow was too deep or he had no money etc etc we finally made it - and what a good day it was.

    History in case you missed my previous report on my first two visits with photos from the rest of the site [ame=]here

    In 1854 J. S. Nettlefold, a Birmingham screw manufacturer, had revolutionized his industry by introducing automated American machinery. Room was needed to house this; Nettlefold, joined by his brother-in-law Joseph Chamberlain, father of the statesman, established the Heath Street Works in Cranford Street, Smethwick. The firm (until 1874 Nettlefold & Chamberlain and then Nettlefolds Ltd.) dominated the market by the mid 1860s. Among those prominent in its development was the younger Joseph Chamberlain, who joined it in 1854 and soon afterwards took charge of the commercial side of the organization. He became a partner in 1869 and remained with the firm until 1874, when he retired to devote himself to politics. The firm had by then begun to acquire additional premises. In 1869 it bought the Imperial Mills, which stood on the north side of Cranford Street, opposite the Heath Street Works. The mills were converted for the manufacture of nuts and bolts, and a wire-drawing mill, a bar shop, and a nail-making shop were built. In 1880, the year in which it became a limited company, Nettlefolds took over one of its local rivals, the Birmingham Screw Co., which had set up its St. George's Works in Grove Lane in 1868. The newly acquired works was almost as large as the Heath Street Works and faced it from the opposite bank of the Birmingham Canal.

    Although the firm continued to expand, its profits fluctuated considerably during the last twenty years of the 19th century, and in 1902 the merger for which Arthur Keen had been working took place: Nettlefolds joined Guest, Keen & Co. to form Guest, Keen & Nettlefolds Ltd. By the outbreak of the First World War the new company produced over half the screws and about a quarter of the nuts and bolts made in the country. The amalgamation made the firm the largest employer in the town. In the late 1960s the headquarters of Guest, Keen & Nettlefolds Ltd., by then an investment company, adjoined the Heath Street Works, a 50-acre complex run by G.K.N. Screws and Fasteners Ltd. and employing some 4,500 people. G.K.N. had several other subsidiaries in Smethwick. G.K.N. Distributors Ltd. had its headquarters at the London Works, while G.K.N. Group Services Ltd. was in Cranford Street, G.K.N. Reinforcements Ltd. in Alma Street, and G.K.N. Fasteners Corrosion Laboratory in Abberley Street. Smethwick Drop Forgings Ltd. of Rolfe Street, acquired by G.K.N. in 1963, was run as a subsidiary of G.K.N. Forgings Ltd.
    Talk about leaving the most interesting stuff until last!

    I loved this little contraption, the dial measured units of lb/ft which if I'm right is torque, and it was still in working order.

    As always there are more on my Flickr here

    Thanks for looking
    My Flickr


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    A treasure trove!,great pics.

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    Love the old screw signs!

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    I love these shots..well done mate.

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    Lovely stuff! thanks for sharing!
    "You never planned on the bombs in the sand/Or sleeping in your dress blues."

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    Makes me want to explore some tunnels, still something I haven't done - factory basements have been my limit thus far.
    Lovely shots - especially the one with the cobwebs on the filing stuff

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