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    Last year myself and a friend were on a random drive and went through Mildenhall, famous for its Airbase. If you head out of the town over a small bridge, you will see a very beautiful old mill, which I can report was possible to get into. We found some amazing things there, such as graffiti from the workers there going back about 100 years, massive pieces of machinery (bizarely the power was still on despite the whole thing obviously having been closed down), rooms which didnt look like they had been visited in 60 years, a real window into the past.

    I have some photos scattered across several galleries;

    I went back there a little more recently and our entrance method had been secured, however I believe, if you dare risk it, that you can get in by entering through the outlet pipes (bring wellies).

    Dont forget to visit the outhouse as well, amazing pieces of ancient electricity generating kit there.

    I'd love to hear if anyone else has success with this site, or any other places in East Anglia that anyone can recommend, this is my first post and I am very excited about this whole scene.

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    I apologise for dragging up an old thread, but came across this whilst checking out stuff previous to becoming a member. And, just have to say what absolutely superb photos these are & well worth a second look. Stunning. :)

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