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Thread: Farben Works, Leicester - January 2013

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    Arrow Farben Works, Leicester - January 2013

    This site was originally St Leonard's Mills, the main building being constructed in 1867. It was originally W. Thompson's worsted spinning mill, then used for hosiery manufacture by Frisby Jarvis. Lastly it was owned by Martins dyers and finishers, until closure around 2001. A massive fire in 2005 destroyed the large grade 2 listed original mill, causing the main road to be closed for a month afterwards. This left a couple of later extensions on the outer edges of the site, including the one explored today 'Farben Works'. I first explored here in 2007, since that time the building has been trashed and decayed a lot more sadly. Demolition work is currently taking place on the site, though I can't find any recent planning applications. One of the mill extensions with its distinctive glazed brick lettering spelling out the company name has already been destroyed, though the grade 2 listed Farben Works hasn't been touched so far.

    Back by Goldie87, on Flickr

    Upper Floor by Goldie87, on Flickr

    Front Door by Goldie87, on Flickr

    Offices by Goldie87, on Flickr

    Stairway by Goldie87, on Flickr

    Basement by Goldie87, on Flickr

    Corridor by Goldie87, on Flickr

    Flag by Goldie87, on Flickr

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    Very nice, love the St Georges flag flying!
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    Great pics Goldie, really like the staircase with the glazed bricks :)
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