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Thread: industrial estate - march 13

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    Cant get my head around that caravan Nice one dude!
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    That caravan is mental!
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    Default MrDan's report - Pronto Trading Estate

    Pronto Trading Estate
    March 2013
    A visit with sweet_pea

    sweet_pea and I decided to bash out several local explores all in one night, to see what was worthwhile and what was not, we tried about 8-9 different
    locations, this one, we decided needed to be done during daylight hours. The other that warranted a re-visit was a garden centre as we were spotted by
    an overlooking neighbour climbing over the fence. The others were all general fails or not worthwhile taking the camera out.
    Anyway, we decided to visit this place one morning before sweet had to head off to work, it was a really easy explore, nice and relaxed, exactly as it should be.
    I can't find much info on the original use for this land, other than the below photos (first two). Since, it had been a trading estate named after the Pronto
    company that once inhabited, all businesses focussing on motoring. Crash repairs, Bus & coach repairs, Air conditioning etc etc..

    There were several units, one with a caravan as a makeshift office, with permanent steps leading to the door and literally being supported by a filing cabinet.
    There were also a couple of houses, which... by the smell has been recently squatted in.

    Anyone got a feather duster?

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